The Rise Of Viewing On Handheld Screens
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According to TDG Research, by 2025. handheld screens will account for more than 20% of total video viewing minutes in the US. The TDG Research, which  forecasts viewing trends from 2015 to 2025, suggests there will be a shift in viewing from legacy television platforms and personal computers to mobile video. Latest stats say that around 80% of video viewing on tablets and about 50% of that on smartphones takes place in the home, which  implies that the future of television is the apps. People are getting more attached to their mobile screens, which is also the cause of the growing share of total video viewing. The result of the Ericsson Mobility Report shows there will be a ten-fold growth in mobile video traffic between 2014 and 2020, and  55% of all mobile data traffic will come from video.  And according to Nielsen, in Q3 of 2014 viewers aged 18-24 in the United States spent 1 hour 26 minutes a week watching video on the internet, compared to 17 hours 34 minutes a week watching traditional television. It is definitely expected that the video viewing on handheld screens will only continue to rise and that the result will be a more personal, intimate viewing experience.

And as a teaser to this, a certain platform we know (hint: will be releasing a major update to our player’s mobile capabilities in the next several weeks.

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