The Most Effective Facebook Video Ad Formats for 2016
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Videospot research has evaluated the success of video ads based on their publicly displayed views, likes, comments, and shares. They have analysed  pages from national brands, media companies, and local business. According to this research, here are the top 3 Facebook video ad formats for 2016:

Educational/Informational Shorts– These videos are fun and highly shareable because viewers can watch the entire video quickly. These instructional videos have been made popular by BuzzFeed, Tastemade, and Food Network.

Gifs – is an animated image or series of images that move like a video. This video ad format engages the viewer as they tune in naturally to see what will happen next.

Worksafe Ads – Worksafe videos use text or captions to tell a story, so that a viewer doesn’t have to turn the volume on. This makes the video adjustable for work and environments where playing audio would be disruptive, for example if they are riding on the bus.

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