Video Search Engines To Think About
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Search Engines

With 52% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with best ROI the main question now is what are the best places to submit your video content to? These are the search engines you should take in consideration when you’re about to submit a video. For some you have heard. Others you will heard about. They all have the traffic for your videos.

Google – the undisputed number one search engine in the world. Though Google tends to serve YouTube results for video first, research results on Google and YouTube are not the same, so when you search a video the best thing is to use  both to find the what u are looking for.

Google Will Restrain Non-Google DSPs from Buying YouTube Inventory
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Google DSPs

Google announce that at the beginning of 2016 the company is going to pull all YouTube inventory from AdX ( its ad exchange). It will only be possible to buy YouTube inventory with the help of Google’s own buy-side tools, Adwords and Doubleclick Bid Manager, as non-Google DSPs will not have programmatic access to YouTube inventory. The company will no longer support the small amount of YouTube buying happening on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Experts claim the company is decided to make this move because they want to strengthen the hand of Google’s DSP in the DSP market. Maintaining full control over the sale of YouTube inventory also nowadays makes DBM and Adwords the sole sources of Google’s ‘TrueView’ formats, where the advertiser only pay for ads viewed for at least 30 seconds or until the end of the video. (more…)

Twitch Accounted for 43% Of Total Gaming Content Revenue
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Twitch has the largest revenue share in the video game content industry, counting 43% of the $3.8 billion market, shows a study done by SuperData Research. Content creators earned around $2.9 billion in 2015 from sponsorships and advertising and the rest $890 million come from donations and paid subscriptions. Though YouTube had a higher percentage of total global viewers (73%) in 2015 compared to Twitch (53%), this video-sharing website only accounted for 36% of the total game content industry’s revenue. According to this study, American live stream viewers spend an average of $ 4.64 per month on creators, with 44% of all live stream viewers paying at least $21 per month on paid content and subscriptions. (more…)

Play Your YouTube Videos Via
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youtube syndication

When it comes to creating a blog or a website, and making it popular, there is a strong correlation between those brands who produce the most videos and those who get the most views. When brands use photos and videos in combination with written posts, they will surely create more attractive content and give their users a richer material about the subject they want to talk about. Many experts give advantage to video content over written posts, because video form is mobile, dynamic, shareable, and it can be far more engaging than standard text-driven marketing.

All Global brands have a YouTube channel, and no wonder as YouTube has 1 billion users, and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. But if you’re a start-up video publisher and have a Youtube channel you should think twice before publishing your videos on YouTube exclusively, as YouTube takes 45% of all your ad fees and controls all aspects of monetization for you. (more…)

YouTube Kids Ads Are Deceptive – Consumer Groups Claim
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youtube kids

According to consumer groups, YouTube Kids app violates safeguards for children by blending advertising and programming. Consumer group states YouTube Kids exploits children’s vulnerabilities by delivering them ads that are masqueraded as programming, and due to this they are asking U.S. regulators to investigate the company. They are planning to file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Google states this company consulted with child-advocacy and privacy groups in developing YouTube Kids, and that the app’s advertising policy prohibits content that is illegal or unsafe for children. Google rolled out YouTube Kids this year offering original episodes of TV shows aimed at youngsters, such as Sesame Street, TuTiTu TV, Reading Rainbow, Thomas The Tank Engine, Yo Gabba Gabba, Talking Tom, National Geographic Kids, Jim Henson TV, Pocoyo and Dreamworks TV. (more…)

Children Spend More Time on Catch-Up Services and YouTube Than on Linear TV
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Youngster 5 to 16 years old spend around six and a half hours a day in front of a screen,  compared with three hours in 1995,  according to  research firm Childwise. Children mostly spend time watching TV, playing games, on a mobile, computer or tablet. This report, which is based on data from 1995 to the present day, shows that teenage girls nowadays  spend  seven-and-a-half- hours watching screens, and that’s compared to three and a half hours of TV viewing in 1995 a huge jump . The interesting thing is that children are now multi-screening – using more than one device at the same time (watching TV,  while surfing the Internet on a tablet or mobile, and going on social networks). According to this report, Youtube is very  popular among youngsters, more than half of children involved in this study said they are accessing TV and video via Youtube. This research proves that youngster’s  TV viewing habits have changed dramatically as children are now mostly watching television via catch-up services and YouTube rather than the traditional TV set.

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3 Good Reasons Why YouTube Shouldn’t Be Your Only Video Publishing Choice
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No one can deny that YouTube is the 800lb gorilla of the online video industry. Owning almost one fifth of the video advertising market, it is an influential video platform, to say the least. But being successful by and in itself doesn’t mean that everybody will get an equal piece of the pie. When choosing a video hosting and publishing platform, one should consider strategic business goals, budget disposal, and carefully evaluate all the available options.

One of the best ways to promote your business in today’s market would certainly be through rich video content. A strong video inventory is becoming an essential marketing tool, as video encourages brand engagement and shareability. (more…)

Long-Form Video Content Increases Its Online Domination
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Long-Form Video Content

Video is becoming a fundamental part of any content marketing strategy. It can positively affect eCommerce, brand awareness, social media engagement, and a lot more. General advice for creating digital content from all marketing experts is to be focused on keeping things short and sweet by making short-form clips. But segmenting your content by length should not be so strict in the world of online video. Although this may come as a surprise to most internet marketers and video content producers, long-form content might become a marketing priority in the future. But first, let’s define the term long-form content? According the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, here’s how we can slice the industry’s digital video inventory into three buckets:


Will YouTube Paid Subscription Video Service Come Alive?
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According to Digiday, YouTube is planning to launch a paid subscription video service this year, but it seems like its content partners aren’t thrilled with the idea. Digiday’s sources states YouTube reached a number of video publishers and multichannel networks (MCNs) late last year, offering them to sign up to “subscription offerings amendment” that would make their YouTube content available through a paid service. But several of YouTube’s current content partners haven’t still decided if they will sign up for this amendment. One of the possible reasons why Google-owned company is having a tough time getting some of its content partners to sign up for this is that the publishers might be afraid to lose out on the ad revenue, and that this model would hurt them financially. Will they change their mind in the end? Only time will tell.

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Surprisingly YouTube Is Still Not Profitable For Google
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YouTube still isn’t a profitable business for Google, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Rolfe Winkler. Thanks to a premium ads push last year called “Google Preferred,” the video-streaming increased its revenue to $4 billion in 2014 from $3 billion in 2013, but it’s still only roughly breaking even. YouTube’s big issue is that most users watch its videos when they’re linked to from or embedded in other sites, the Journal reports.The potential solutions are for Google to direct people to start coming to YouTube’s homepage. That’s how company earned a lot from helping its original content creators, like Michelle Phan, Bethany Moto, and Epic Rap Battles of History, to build their followings and create better videos. Youtube redesigned its homepage and tried to improve its video recommendation to attract users and make them stay longer on the page. But that may not be enough. To help increase revenue, the company’s new strategy is to roll out more auto-play videos and a new way to target ads using Google search data, Winkler’s sources say.

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