When, Where, and What People Watch On YouTube


When users habits change markets, and marketing strategies for that matter, change as well. Today businesses are heavily influenced by the mobile internet consumption and, if you haven’t already, now might be the final hour to catch on and adapt your business for mobile visits. Understanding your audience has never been this important as it is today.

Back in November StatCounter Global Stats reported worldwide mobile internet use surpasses desktop for the first time ever. And this month YouTube reported that the majority of watch time on YouTube comes from mobile. And unlike many of us believe the world watches YouTube on mobile, at home, during prime time, and on horizontally oriented screens. (more…)

Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube, Facebook And A Third Party Video Platform? (Infographic)

We’ve spoken at length about how important video is to forming your ultimate digital strategy. It is also a vital component to almost every aspect of modern-day business, whether you’re looking to make a mark in a very competitive B2B environment, or simply seeking to make an impact with your personal content.


7 Best Alternatives to YouTube Video Monetization

It’s hard to conceal the fact that YouTube is the biggest attraction on the web these days. It’s where people go to get their daily info, be it for entertainment or just info related to anything. Video is the simplest form to express one’s opinion, and of course, it has also become the main tool to expand one’s business and reach audiences. So, now eager cash-starved business leaders and small business owners are looking to get into this market as quickly and as easily as possible.


Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube and FaceBook and Brid.TV

Video Marketing

These days it seems inconceivable to formulate a proper digital marketing strategy without the inclusion of video. Creating video content and using it for marketing purposes has indeed become an integral part of any business plan. For many years, marketers, business and product salesman have had difficulties pushing their brands out the door and getting them to the consumer.


Videos on YouTube Are About 10X Longer Than The Ones On Facebook

Videos On YouTube

According to the Real SEO’s data from the past 30 days, videos on YouTube are about 10X longer than on Facebook. Facebook tends to host short type content into the feed, in opposite to  YouTube, which prefers serving you longer and higher quality content. Stas show the average duration of a Facebook video is 81.22 seconds, and for YouTube is 870.89 seconds. Video posted natively to Facebook usually generates more engagement, while YouTube has a lower views to engagement. The average of viewer engagement for Facebook is 31.12 and for Youtube is 22.42. Videos posted natively to Facebook generate more engagement, but it takes fewer views for YouTube videos to generate the same engagement rate. The most engaged videos on YouTube are longer than the most engaged videos uploaded to Facebook.