Full-Scale WordPress Plugin for Video Content

Never leave the comfort of WP. All aspects of the Brid CMS available inside WordPress itself. Add existing YouTube or upload your custom videos, and monetize.

Key Features

Video Player and Video CMS

Transform your WordPress into a fully-fledged video management system. Utilize short codes to easily embed videos with the BridTV Player.

Ad Tag Monetization

The WP plugin supports the brand-new BridTV ad tag monetization system.


Speed, Optimization and Performance

The latest edition of the BridTV WordPress Plugin has been scaled and fine-tuned to perfection. With optimized backend code, the plugin is snappy, and features superior performance.

Additional Benefits

BridTV Outstream Ads

BridTV Outstream Ads

Make your monetization faster and easier with BridTV Outstream Ads.

Easily Fetch Any YouTube Video

Easily Fetch Any YouTube Video

Use YouTube videos via WP to enrich your content.

User-created Dynamic Playlists

User-created Dynamic Playlists

Organize and embed your videos into playlists in an intuitive and straightforward manner.

Easily Configure Your BridTV Player

Easily Configure Your BridTV Player

Without leaving WP, configure your BridTV video player to suit your business' online strategy.


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