What Counts As A Video View On Major Social Media Networks
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what counts as a video view on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat

As of January 2016, an average of 100 million hours of video was watched on FaceBook daily. YouTube has over a billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Nowadays, everybody is talking video and everybody is doing it! We’ve talked and talked about importance of video in every business marketing strategy (kind of an obvious thing to do being an online video platform and all). However, most marketeers still have problem understanding the basics like video ads, video views, VAST and VPAID ad tags etc. While some features are universally accepted by the industry, some, like video views, are still treated differently by each and every company that has it’s fair share in the industry.


Facebook Barely Surpasses YouTube In Super Bowl Ad Video Views
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Super Bowl

iSpot.tv stats show Super Bowl ads and teaser videos are being watched slightly more on Facebook than on YouTube this year. According to views counted on Tuesday, there have been spotted 75 million Super Bowl ad video views on Facebook, compared to 74.9 million on YouTube. It’s not the first time Facebook and YouTube are struggling over video view results. The struggle occurred over last year’s Super Bowl video view results as well. According to Visible Measures shared data, Facebook stated that it had earned 25% of all Super Bowl commercial views online but only two days later, YouTube stated to be still on the top when it comes to Super Bowl commercial viewing online, and that time spent watching Super Bowl ads on YouTube had surpassed all of the previous year’s results. The explanation of these results lies in the different ways how video views are being counted. Facebook counts a view after a user watches at least 3 seconds of video, and YouTube counts the views after “around” 30 seconds. (more…)

Snapchat Generates 6 Billion Views Per Day
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Snapchat has generated 6 billion daily video views, which is 3X more since May. On of the most important benefits Snapchat has for all the video makers out there is its ability to tap into hard-to-reach demographics, as more than 60% of 13 to 34-year-old US smartphone owners consume the service, which is available only on mobile devices. Stats show that the platform is expected to generate $100 million annually. Those figures sound promising since the platform is still very much in its early experimental stage. For now, most video on Snapchat isn’t monetised.

Read more: http://www.videoadnews.com/2015/11/09/snapchats-video-strategy-is-scaling-now-up-to-6-billion-views-per-day/ (more…)

Facebook Is Testing a New 10-Second Video Ad Option
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facebook ad

Facebook is testing a new viewability metric for its video ads. This social network added a new option for advertisers to only pay once their video ads have played for at least 10 seconds. Advertisers could still choose between that model and the option to pay once their video ads come into view, or on a cost-per-view basis. Till now, this social network charged advertisers every time a video ad came into view on users feeds. But the on-screen presence of an ad didn’t always count as an active viewership because Facebook rates a view after a minimum 3 seconds of watch time. So if the user pauses an auto-play ad before this time frame, and most likely lose its focus on the ad, brands would still have to pay for the impression.

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Facebook Video Views Could Outnumber YouTube’s?
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facebook video views

Facebook reached a daily 4 billion video views by the end of Q1 2015, becoming YouTube’s  number one competitor, according to Clickz stats. Although YouTube is still the clear leader in video sharing, delivering 3 trillion video views during 2015, Facebook is catching up, with a 2 trillion views this year, according to the latest research. Facebook’s revenue for the Q1 of 2015 was $3.54 billion, which represents a 42 percent increase compared to Q1 of 2014.  Facebook video views continue to rise, and many industry experts predict a long battle for those video platforms in the future.

Read more: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/2414328/facebook-continues-to-catch-up-to-youtube-study

Brid Your Mobile Video
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mobile video

Online ad viewability is a hot topic in advertising right now, therefore, brand advertisers want to ensure that their video ads are seen. Google conducted a study of their video advertising platforms, as they explain – to better understand video ad viewability. They analyzed two separate sets of data during April of 2015. The first data set consisted of video viewability across the web which did not included YouTube (Mobile video app ad views were excluded from this data set) and the second data set which consisted of video viewability data for YouTube, only this data set include both data from across the web and mobile in-app ads. According to this study, YouTube users have a 91% viewability rate of video ads, while the average viewability of video ads across the web (not including YouTube) is 54%. (more…)

43 % of all video views took place in Q4 of 2014
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video views

Invodo found that 43 % of all e-commerce video views during last year occurred in Q4. Sunday was the most popular day of the week for e-commerce videos, especially during the last two months of the year, which was the holiday shopping season. Undoubtedly, the holidays gave the fourth quarter a huge leverage over the rest of the year. Invodo also states that e-commerce video views in 2014 grew 54 % over 2013.  According to this research, 81 % of all shoppers online research products before buying. Shoppers who watched a product-related video were 1.6x more likely to buy the product than shoppers who didn’t watch a video. This research also shows that online-only retailers saw a 1.7x lift from video viewers, compared to  multichannel retailers, who saw a lift of 1.2x. These facts prove the undoubtable video influence on online shoppers, and that video is definitely one of the most powerful selling tools in the presence.

Read more: http://www.onlinevideo.net/2015/03/shoppers-who-watch-videos-are-1-6x-more-likely-to-buy-invodo/  

The Rise Of Viewing On Handheld Screens
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Handheld Screens

According to TDG Research, by 2025. handheld screens will account for more than 20% of total video viewing minutes in the US. The TDG Research, which  forecasts viewing trends from 2015 to 2025, suggests there will be a shift in viewing from legacy television platforms and personal computers to mobile video. Latest stats say that around 80% of video viewing on tablets and about 50% of that on smartphones takes place in the home, which  implies that the future of television is the apps. People are getting more attached to their mobile screens, which is also the cause of the growing share of total video viewing. The result of the Ericsson Mobility Report shows there will be a ten-fold growth in mobile video traffic between 2014 and 2020, and  55% of all mobile data traffic will come from video.  And according to Nielsen, in Q3 of 2014 viewers aged 18-24 in the United States spent 1 hour 26 minutes a week watching video on the internet, compared to 17 hours 34 minutes a week watching traditional television. It is definitely expected that the video viewing on handheld screens will only continue to rise and that the result will be a more personal, intimate viewing experience. (more…)

10.3 Billion Views Comes from Vevo This Year
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Music video hosting service Vevo announced its video views results for January 2015 and it’s significantly higher at 10.3 billion views this year, up to 86% more views than in the same period of last year where it stood at 5.4 billion views. Most of these video views are coming from outside of the United States which is not that surprising, after all, considering the popularity of the service in Mexico and other countries. Rising views are mostly due to the huge growth in mobile video views in the last year. Up from 38.8% last year to 50% this year.

This is in line with the expected growth of mobile views in 2015 and is confirming once again that this year, mobile views and online video services, are probably gonna come to par with traditional cable TV’s at the end of the year, if not sooner.

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