JW vs Brightcove vs BridTV
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The online video scene is like a constantly changing, constantly evolving field where publishers and various business owners keep looking for new ways to break through and make an impact. Finding your own way to success in a market that is overflowing with competition is quite possible and it may be easier than you think. Things may get a bit challenging along the way, that is until you find your bearings. The key thing is to crystalize your objective. When you’re looking to compete on the B2B market, video advertising is the key that opens all doors. It’s probably one of the best forms of monetization.

But that’s not the only area that’s expanding. For example, IAB noted that programmatic video buying is also gaining traction. According to their findings, based on data that was gathered from 358 agencies and marketers 45% of digital video ad spend was bought programmatically in 2017. Meanwhile, an increasing number of publishers are investing well over $1 million per year on digital advertising.

These are all valid reasons why, as a publisher, you should start to get to know the scene of the programmatic video. In addition, in the process of creating a video or being on the lookout for alternative monetization platforms is your best bet, as opposed to traditional video advertising. Publishers need to focus on video ad units, video ad networks, video header bidding, and various other factors that denote utilizing a reliable video platform.

In this modern-day video landscape, it’s certainly not an easy task having to choose the right video platform for your B2B efforts.


BridTV Platform Update: Improvements And Fixes
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Our diligent development team is constantly working on making the Brid platform up-to-date and better than ever. We have spent the entire summer adding more cool features for publishers, and various benefits that will make work easier and smoother with the BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player. With each update BridTV is becoming bigger and better video platform.

Apart from minor fixes and polishes, this particular update features a click-through option for videos. In addition, we’ve incorporated changes to the main ad parser so this time around there are some performance improvements to ads loading and displaying.


BridTV August Update & Fixes
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BridTV August Update & Fixes

Here at BridTV we always improvise and come up with new and practical ways to create incremental revenue for our publishers, while making sure not to disrupt the user experience.

One of our recent releases, the BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player, is packed with the numerous improvements, which are aimed at optimizing the publisher’s video ad delivery while delivering the best viewing experience possible to the targeted audience.

Today, as a part of an ongoing video player/platform maintenance, we’ve rolled out a couple of new features and fixes to the player and CMS.


How to Step Up Your Game With the Right Video Player
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How to Step Up Your Game With the Right Video Player

In 2018, the digital marketing scene, as well as online marketing is dominated by video more than ever before. Recently, Cisco uncovered that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will originate from videos. Yes, 82%. If 2021 seems far off, consider that video already accounted for 73% of all consumer internet traffic in 2016. Another rapidly growing section of the market is live video, which is said to be the fastest growing segment of Web and that’s largely due to video thanks to the arrival of services like Facebook Live, Twitter’s broadcast of live sports and live bundles from companies like AT&T, YouTube and Hulu.

Streaming is gulping down a huge chunk of the market as well, which is why on-demand video content from Netflix and Amazon are already making a huge mark (plus, Disney has announced their own streaming service as well).

In order to truly step up your game and stay in touch with a market that’s evolving at an insane rate, there are several important factors to consider.


Not All Video Players Are Created Equal
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Video Players

The efficiency of video player depends on a video platform behind it. Video platform should provide many video options ( such as encoding, streaming, customization of your video player, management of your video content, video monetization, servicing you video ads). Besides the basic options, every platform should offer …. well, a little extra that could significantly influence users video marketing success.


Introducing the Brid Video Player
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Brid Video

Today we’d like to show you a demo of Brid Video. It’s an HTML5 video player/platform that will allow you to easily embed and monetize videos in any page, blog or site using the latest modern web standards.

Initialize ads

Browsers makers are constantly working on supporting the HTML5 video specification and improving it. We are constantly working and testing latest browser versions to ensure proper functionality.

Brid Video is absolutely free and you can start using it today!

Key Brid Video Features


  • VAST compatibility
    Our features support for VAST 4.0 tags. It can playback any kind of VAST ad template as long as the creative is HTML5 compatible. This feature eliminates slow load times, allowing for a buffer free ad experience.
  • BridTV GEO Module
    We offer you a chance to locate and zero in on website visitors by IP address within the BridTV Video Player.
  • Header Bidding or Video Player Bidding
    Creates an improved consumer experience, improved monetization and best of all reduced latency, all thanks to header bidding.
  • Advertise your content
    Add pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls or overlays to monetize your content!
  • Ad Tag Waterfalling
    Activating this in our player means that if an ad is not returned in a VAST tag or an ad errors out, the player cascades to another tag and tries to play the next ad. Waterfalling kicks off, the player goes through a list of 4 ad tags and if none of these returns an ad from any of available tags, content playback will be initiated.
  • Full-screen mode
    Supported across all latest browsers. Browsers which do not have implemented true fullscreen mode for HTML5, full-windowed mode is used instead.
  • HTML5 video benefits
    No browser plugin, no Flash dependencies!
    You can also jump anywhere in the video without having to wait for it to buffer.

See more features on the Brid Video page. Have any questions? Look through our extensive documentation section to learn more!