Comprehensive Video Player Analytics by BridTV
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video player analytics

Nailing your digital marketing campaign is only possible if you’re using top-of-the-line metrics; an aspect that’s particularly important if your business endeavor relies on video. Optimizing your ad performance (as well as the performance of video content in general) is undoubtedly your top priority. With the help of the enhanced, freshly implemented BridTV Analytics Engine you will be able to boost your income and improve monetization. As a web publisher you may utilize Brid Analytics to gather across-the-board metrics and in-depth video player analytics.    


Video Monetization With Sleek Ad Metrics
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ad metrics

Video ads are evolving at an astounding pace. We’re pouring a great deal of effort into developing and improving ad tech for web publishers, so they can enjoy the advantages of a premium HTML 5 video player and a streamlined ads revenue platform. When it comes to ad technology and ads in general, every single business decision you make down the road needs to be based on reliable data. Working with various publishers lead us to creating a remarkably powerful analytics engine, featuring slick and effective ad metrics that are constantly at your disposal.


BridTV: Video Analytics 2.0
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video player analyticsThe current online video market is becoming increasingly competitive, so having a data-driven digital marketing strategy is without a doubt your best weapon. This is especially true if you’re using video to monetize your website’s traffic. After making a considerable leap forward, we are now ready to provide publishers with a wider array of options when it comes to video analytics.