Enterprise Video Platform

Create and use your custom ad tech with a top-of-the-line video platform. Build and grow your business with a vast array of video technology solutions.

Powerful Video Hosting

Host, manage and monetize with BridTV. Our team of experts is here to help you devise and custom-create your ad tech to boost ROI, optimize performance and streamline monetization.

In addition to highly diverse ad solutions and technologies such as Outstream Ad Units and Google IMA SDK, the BridTV Video Platform also offers unique features such as Any-Ad™, Ad Tag Macros, Comprehensive Ad Analytics, all of which were devised with the sole purpose of streamlining your business and boosting revenue. Discover more. Discover more.
Hosting and Encoding
The BridTV CMS and dashboard allows for a fast and intuitive management of your entire video library. You are free to create, host and encode your video content and effectively monetize, while adhering to the standards of modern-day online advertising.
User-Created Playlists, Dynamic Playlists
Publishers are given extensive options when it comes to playlists, which can be dynamic -- latest video feed, video playlist by tag, video playlist by channel. Another option is to utilize user-created playlists.
Video Content Management
Uploading and managing video content has never been easier. More importantly, there's a breathtaking variety of ways to sort your videos. Our ultimate goal is to setup the perfect ad solution to ensure steady revenue for web publishers, with maximum results and little hassle on their part. Discover more...
Player Behavior & Customization
The BridTV HMTL5 video player is fast, effective and ideal for any kind of monetization you prefer. In addition, you can completely tailor the player to suit your business and brand. So, feel free to Configure the BridTV Player Behavior and Customize to your heart's content.
Account Migration
Have a massive video library that needs to be imported? Not a problem. We have an Automatic Migration Tool that helps you complete this process in no time and all. Also, our dedicated tech team is constantly available to assist you during the migration process.
Safety, Reliability & Flexibility
Work with all the benefits of a safe, reliable and flexible system. We offer Secure Signed URLs, Webhooks, Shared Library, Custom Channels and more. Discover what your options are.

Powerful Analytics

Our powerful in-house Video Analytics Engine caters to your every need. As a web publisher you can maximize the effectiveness of any video-oriented business. Keep track of everything from ad performance and viewer engagement, to bandwidth consumption.

Ad Performance
Extremely accurate ad performance metrics, supplying you with plenty of data to upgrade or adjust your monetization strategy.
Browser Device Insights
Device-based traffic data and content performance data.
Viewer Engagement Monitoring
Clear-cut engagement data and general video metrics (unique views, video plays, etc).
Traffic Sources
Quick and easy access to detailed organic traffic data and referral data.
Location-based straightforward traffic data, giving you a chance to focus on areas of the globe where your campaigns are most effective.
Detailed Ad Tag Metrics
The BridTV Analytics Engine offers accurate and in-depth metrics that are delivered per ad tag.
Detailed Error Reporting
One of the most valuable aspects of video analytics. BridTV Ad Error Reporting focuses on specific ads that have underperformed.

Feature-rich Platform

The biggest advantage of the BridTV video platform is its variety of effective solutions.

AI Content Matching
AI-powered Content Matching steps onto the scene. Incorporating videos on your web site without the hassle of everyday content management, while encouraging more video plays and quality video views.
Platform API (Developer section)
BridTV by developers, made for developers. Our state-of-the-art HTML5 video player features a powerful JavaScript API so you can control many aspects of the player programmatically.
WordPress Plugin
Everything you’re working on inside the Brid CMS is incorporated straight into WP, which means every single CMS option and feature is available inside WordPress itself. You can also access powerful analytics, including ad tag monetization.
Google AMP & Facebook IA
Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is your key to better SEO and faster load times on mobile. Grab everything you need to utilize the BridTV Google AMP component. Also, you can rely on Facebook Instant Articles to spread the word about your business.
Live Streaming Events
Use BridTV Live Streaming to tweak and re-engineer the player to suit your branding. Efficiently monetize live stream with pre-roll video ads. Our Live Streaming support also includes DVR, 40000kbps live streaming for your live video content, live events, or live media.
Social Syndication
BridTV allows you to spread the word about your business or product via a variety of social network platforms and apps - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit and more.
July 3, 2019

Enterprise Video Platform

December 12, 2018

Video Monetization Streamlined With Content Matching

With BridTV content matching publishers can obtain a pretty easy and straightforward system for incorporating videos on their respective pages without having the hassle of everyday content management.
October 30, 2018

Supported Video and Audio Formats Reference

These days, hosting and encoding video files on your own is a lot easier than you think, especially with services and tools like the BridTV video player at your disposal. Should you opt to host or encode video files, you might want to check out the info we have below.
August 24, 2018

JW vs Brightcove vs BridTV

The online video scene is like a constantly changing, constantly evolving field where publishers and various business owners keep looking for new ways to break through and make an impact. Finding your own way to success in a market that is overflowing with competition is quite possible and it may be easier than you think. Things may get a bit challenging along the way, that is until you find your bearings. The key thing is to crystalize your objective. When you’re looking to compete on the B2B market, video advertising is the key that opens all doors. It’s probably one […]
August 20, 2015

Brid.Tv Video Player 2.0!

Power your videos with Brid.tv 2.0 Video Player! Just when you thought there is nothing new to be said in video players world, Brid.Tv 2.0 player is here to prove the opposite. We are happy to announce our Brid.Tv improvements that we have cooked in our labs for the last couple of months. We’re thrilled to provide a solution to our customers that will optimize their social sharing options, improve their video quality, that could provide delivery of their video content directly to any device (both mobile or desktop) faster than before, and (with our new features) make their video […]
March 12, 2015

3 Good Reasons Why YouTube Shouldn't Be Your Only Video Publishing Choice

No one can deny that YouTube is the 800lb gorilla of the online video industry. Owning almost one fifth of the video advertising market, it is an influential video platform, to say the least. But being successful by and in itself doesn’t mean that everybody will get an equal piece of the pie. When choosing a video hosting and publishing platform, one should consider strategic business goals, budget disposal, and carefully evaluate all the available options. One of the best ways to promote your business in today’s market would certainly be through rich video content. A strong video inventory is […]
February 14, 2014

Welcome to Our BridTV Blog

BridTV kicked off in 2013 as an ambitious project from a team of people who worked together for many years in the video industry and beyond. Ever since the we began We are extremely passionate at what we do and always strive to do better. Online video is our forte and we really enjoy implementing and working with all the new technologies that are part of the thriving B2B landscape. Due to rapid development of HTML5 video technologies we are focusing most of our efforts on this. Why We Created BridTV Initially, our team was focused on major outsourced projects […]