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When it comes to creating a blog or a website, and making it popular, there is a strong correlation between those brands who produce the most videos and those who get the most views. When brands use photos and videos in combination with written posts, they will surely create more attractive content and give their users a richer material about the subject they want to talk about. Many experts give advantage to video content over written posts, because video form is mobile, dynamic, shareable, and it can be far more engaging than standard text-driven marketing.

All Global brands have a YouTube channel, and no wonder as YouTube has 1 billion users, and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. But if you’re a start-up video publisher and have a Youtube channel you should think twice before publishing your videos on YouTube exclusively, as YouTube takes 45% of all your ad fees and controls all aspects of monetization for you. (more…)

Publishers Pocketed a 20% Leap in Revenue From Online Video
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The latest results of the AOP and Deloitte’s Q4 Report show that online publishers have pocketed a 20% jump in revenue generated through online video. This is a significant increase from the previous quarter which only saw a 3.4% growth in online video. The AOP (Association of Online Publishers) also found that smartphone and tablet revenues increased by 56% during the last year and an amazing increase in mobile revenues of 78%. Total annual digital revenue has almost doubled compared to a similar report done in 2008. Desktop display advertising still plays the most important part in digital advertising revenues accounting 55% of all generated revenues. Experts comment that publishers can be satisfied, because these stats show they are being rewarded for embracing online video as a platform and most likely they will continue to benefit from it.

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Surprisingly YouTube Is Still Not Profitable For Google
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YouTube still isn’t a profitable business for Google, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Rolfe Winkler. Thanks to a premium ads push last year called “Google Preferred,” the video-streaming increased its revenue to $4 billion in 2014 from $3 billion in 2013, but it’s still only roughly breaking even. YouTube’s big issue is that most users watch its videos when they’re linked to from or embedded in other sites, the Journal reports.The potential solutions are for Google to direct people to start coming to YouTube’s homepage. That’s how company earned a lot from helping its original content creators, like Michelle Phan, Bethany Moto, and Epic Rap Battles of History, to build their followings and create better videos. Youtube redesigned its homepage and tried to improve its video recommendation to attract users and make them stay longer on the page. But that may not be enough. To help increase revenue, the company’s new strategy is to roll out more auto-play videos and a new way to target ads using Google search data, Winkler’s sources say.

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Spotted The Increase Of Ad Viewability In Q4 Of 2014
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Here’s one great news for all publishers and video advertisers out there – According to the latest study done by Ad Science, it’s been spotted the increase of viewability of video ads – from 30% in Q3 of 2014 to 39% in Q4 of 2014. This study also found an increase in completion rate for video ads, from 20% in Q3 of 2014 to 26% in Q4 of 2014. Let us hope for the double figure in 2015.

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How To Balance Logic And Emotions In Video Marketing
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Logic And Emotions In Video Marketing

Considering content marketing, there are no strict rules for building a successful marketing campaign. Video marketing often struggles between art and science, logic and emotions, and you need to carefully balance between them to achieve the results you want.

When it comes to rational advertising, it’s all about the practical side of the product. Advertisers are explaining why you should buy the product, pointing out the details about its characteristics, so the customer could understand the benefits of the product.  According to Mindshare North America’s Culture Vulture trend report that examines what people want, consumers want products and services that provide a benefit to them, they want ads to be more informative. (more…)