Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube, Facebook And A Third Party Video Platform? (Infographic)
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We’ve spoken at length about how important video is to forming your ultimate digital strategy. It is also a vital component to almost every aspect of modern-day business, whether you’re looking to make a mark in a very competitive B2B environment, or simply seeking to make an impact with your personal content.


Video Content Marketing Roundup Oct 10 – Oct 17, 2016
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Another week passed another video content marketing roundup. As always, there are so many things going on the ever-evolving world of video content marketing. This is a selection of the hottest stories we picked up during the previous week. From social media marketing, over importance of video content marketing for every business to new tool of the week. These are the inspiring scoops, most of which offer cool tools, tips and tricks you can use to grow your e-business. Check them out!


Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube and FaceBook and Brid.TV
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Video Marketing

These days it seems inconceivable to formulate a proper digital marketing strategy without the inclusion of video. Creating video content and using it for marketing purposes has indeed become an integral part of any business plan. For many years, marketers, business and product salesman have had difficulties pushing their brands out the door and getting them to the consumer.


B2B Video Marketing Best Practices
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B2B Video

Marketers are lately exploring various ways for telling their stories through video marketing, by improving upon the old techniques and searching for the new ones. 73% of B2B marketers claim video positively impacts on marketing results and ROI. According to the same research, 96% of B2B respondents are engaged in video content marketing, and 41% of surveyed marketers plan to increase spending on video marketing. The basics of creating an effective  video marketing strategy is to review your company’s overall corporate strategy, your company’s core value, and promote it through the right channels to the target group. B2B videos centered around your solution to a specific customer problem are more effective at attracting and driving customers. So, be specific above anything else.


BridTV Player Adopting New Streaming Protocols Support (HLS and MPEG-DASH) & New Ad Tag Waterfall Feature For Pre-Rolls
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video marketing

Another day another new feature release for the Brid.Tv player and CMS. As video marketing trends are rapidly changing, and our clients request  for delivering a valuable video content are multiplying, we decided to stay in touch with those requests and try to give our best to make their desires become their reality by making a couple of tweaks on our player.