85% of Companies Find Success With Video Marketing
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video marketing

According to Ascend2’s report, 85% of conducted companies think video marketing is a very useful strategy. Video marketing is rated as highly successful with 25% of companies, other 60% stated video marketing can be relatively successful. Due to this report, the most important goals achieved with a video marketing strategy is the expansion of brand awareness, the increase of online engagement and leads generated. 48% of surveyed companies have stated that the biggest obstacle to video marketing success is when they don’t have an effective strategy. The respondents were US and international marketing, sales and business professionals. Around 50% of the marketers stated customer testimonials, the explainer or tutorial videos, and demonstration videos are the most effective types of video content that can be used in a marketing strategy. (more…)

HTML5 For New Industry Standard
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IAB is going to set HTML5 as the new industry standard in interactive marketing, and discard Flash, who have advertisers used for a long time as a standard for making interactive ads online. IAB made this official in its latest document “IAB Display Creative Guidelines,” where the organization recommended the industry to migrate from Flash to HTML5 technology. According to Scott Cunningham, senior vice president of technology and ad operations at IAB, Flash  is not interoperable across devices. HTML5 has proven more effective than Flash as it shown to be  a more open web technology for which the browser support cross-platform sets the stage for more rich, complete and personalized experiences to share with the users, regardless the device they use. The state of Q1 2015 shows 5.35 billion rich media impressions were thrown away on mobile devices, as they were defaulted to Flash instead of HTML5. (more…)

VidCon 2015 Haul
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Last week’s 6th annual VidCon brought new trends in the digital video marketing business, strategic insights and some new stats. One of the key notes of this years VidCon was about how to fund online video in the future. John Green co-founder of VidCon brought up a big question – should we build the future of online video around paid subscriptions, advertising, hybrid models, voluntary payments, or to create some completely new model? One thing’s for sure – mobile is priority, and will be a priority in the digital video marketing business, according to YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki. Susan mentioned the importance of the new redesigned YouTube mobile app, which now lets users watch full-screen vertical videos with just a single tap. (more…)

Will 4K Change The World Of Video?
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4K Brid

4K is currently the hottest tech in the world of video, no question about it. Many TV manufacturers and online video publishers are already producing 4K TVs or are starting to push video streaming in 4K. But what is all this fuss about 4K anyway, what are the actual benefits and can we live another couple of years without it?

4K (sometimes also called Ultra High Definition or UHD) has roughly 4X better resolution than the current HD format. Interestingly, 4K (i.e.  4000) applies to the horizontal resolution frame (or number of pixels) instead of vertical resolution which is used to describe previous versions of video formats like 480p, HD 720p or full HD 1080p. While 4K or full 4K, still has a 2160 vertical pixel count, it simultaneously has a 4096 (4K)
horizontal pixel count (more…)

5 Things That Will Help Your Videos Stand Out
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Help Your Videos StandOut

Videos are a magical combination of the sound, sight, motion and emotion and people love to watch them. They can impart information in clear, simple manner, understandable to everyone, easy to consume. So, whether they make us laugh or cry, they have the ability to leave a strong of an impact on us.

No wonder that, according to Cisco, by 2017 the 70 % of all consumers internet traffic will be produced by videos (1). No wonder they already are a very effective marketing tool. Latest studies show that the videos can increase purchases up to 97% (2). Given all the expectations how do you make your video stand out in 2015!? (more…)

What Does The 10 Year Anniversary Of YouTube Mean For All Of Us?
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10 Years Of YouTube

10 years ago, online video was still in its infancy. It was inconvenient to publish video on the Internet, to say the least. You had to have a little bit of programming skills to be able to embed QuickTime or Flash videos on your website or upload anything on a cloud, for that matter. It’s really hard to comprehend a world where we didn’t have cat videos at the tip of our fingers to watch anytime and everywhere we like. And yet, that’s exactly the world we had at the beginning of 2005 on February 14th.

On that Valentine’s Day three young guys, former PayPal employees,  wanted to give a world yet another adult meeting website, much like HotOrNot only with the emphasis on shared videos instead of pictures. They registered a domain with a weird name “YouTube.com”. They thought it was an idea worth pursuing but soon enough it turned out it was anything but. (more…)

What Does YouTube’s HTML5 Default Support Mean For The Online Video Industry?
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YouTube introduced HTML5 support all the way back in 2010. After five years, the search giant’s popular video site now defaults to HMTL5 on the web instead of Flash and also defaults on Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and Firefox browsers. In fact, It was only a matter of time before this has to happen, as the decline for the widely-used Flash platform was doomed even before 2010’s YouTube’s introduction.

It has to be that all started with the Apple’s decisive drop on supporting Flash platform way back in 2007 on first introduction of the iPhone. At the time, Flash was considered the standard for web-based video, although, it had many technical difficulties. It wasn’t  a native component of most browsers and had to be enabled with a built-in plugin or a downloadable one from Adobe. It was also resource intensive and had a long history with security vulnerabilities that put users at risk. (more…)

The Future Of Videos After CES 2015
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One more CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is more than a week behind us and although there was no real revolution in tech after it’s finished, it brought more than a few exciting evolutions of already existing technologies. For people in video publishing business like us, the good news on CES is that there is, and will be in the future, a helluva lot more screens in the world, to watch your content on.

Big smartphone screens, 2K tablet screens, thin-as-a-paper-laptop retina screens, curved giant quantum dot technologies for TVs, 4K screens, heck, even the smart watches started to emerge all around on CES with their tiny screens and suddenly watching videos on your wrist is not a James Bond thing anymore. (more…)

Welcome to Our Brid.tv Blog
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Welcome to Brid.tv

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you more about what we do.

We recently started Brid.tv in 2013 but our team has actually been working together for many years in the video industry and beyond. We are extremely passionate at what we do and always strive to do better.

Video on the web is what we know, and we really enjoy working with all the new technologies that are constantly evolving around online video and implementing them as soon as possible. Due to rapid development of HTML5 video technologies we are focusing most of our efforts on this.