Why Should You Power Your Online Video With Brid.tv?
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Brid Video


The very fact that the entire platform requires no contracts, no obligations and it’s entirely free for the webmaster to start using from day one and moving forward is in itself new and innovative. It’s a whole new webmaster-friendly approach in the field of enterprise-level online video platforms. You truly get enterprise-level service for no costs whatsoever. It’s tailored towards the big boys as much as the smaller sites. There are no cumbersome forms and contracts to sign.

The player we offer with this service is cutting-edge HTML5 tech, highly modular and modifiable in the sense that we can tailor its design to fit the webmaster’s website perfectly, next to the fact that it will run pretty much all streaming formats, have an extremely fast loading time and that it’s fully hosted on Amazon Cloud. (more…)

Start something more than video! – Veeps
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Supercharge social interaction on your website with VEEPS – Let the people speak!
Veeps GifSo let’s start. Become friends. And friends of friends. Include Facebook, make more friends – get to more people, stronger connections – chat – publicly, privately or incognito – callsvideo calls – or no calls at all – all from inside the player – within and connected with other players, even on different websites. Expand your community – start something more than video.

Imagine any Skype-like application without the installation or configuration hassle! Works “out of the box” and without any plugins needed (so not a trace of Flash, either)  – all you need to do is hit the play button!

Let the people chat and make (video) calls while watching your videos on your website. Social interaction inside the player will create a unique and unseen experience for all of your video viewers. With viewers connecting and experiencing a social aspect of every video or video groups, your website is getting a new, strong audience.