Videos Account For 87% Of Online Content Such As Blogs, Articles And Images


According to comScore’s stats, video content is serving and will serve as an important tool in marketing strategy and with connecting to consumers. Video content currently accounts for 87% of online content such as blogs, articles and images. At least 96% of viewers click on links given, while 90% make decisions after they watch videos. The study also revealed that ⅓ of online activities involves video watching. Around  80% of people watch video while only 20% read articles on blogs. (more…)

Parents Post 4.2X More Videos Than Non-Parents


According to the latest Facebook stats, new parents post 2.5 more updates on Facebook and 4.2 times more videos than non-parents. The study was based on data collected from the from 8,300 parents of 25–65-year-old and 5 parenting experts. The research also revealed that parents globally spend 1.3X more time on Facebook mobile than non-parents. The social networking service has analyzed Facebook data across 8 markets (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain UK and US). (more…)

How Many Websites Are Using Google Analytics?


Yesterday, Google was celebrating the 10th birthday of Google Analytics, created in early 2005. After a decade from it’s “birthday”, Google Analytics become the leader in website analytics installations. You must be wondering how many websites are using Google Analytics today? Back In 2012, then-Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said more than 10 million websites were using Google Analytics. Google hasn’t provided the latest updated count. Nowadays there are few other sources that provide estimates. According to BuiltWith, 29.3 million websites are using Google Analytics, which is 8.4 %of the 348 million websites tracked in its database.  W3Techs stats show 52.9 %  of all websites on the internet are using Google Analytics. That is 10X more Yandex Metrics, the second next most popular analytics option. Due to these figures, we can safely say Google Analytics is still the most popular web analytics software in use today.    (more…)

Mobile Will Dominate Programmatic Advertising, Leaving PC Behind


EMarketer’s new report predicts that mobile programmatic advertising will be worth $9.33 billion in 2015, accounting for 61% of total programmatic display ad spending in the US. eMarketer’s stats show by 2017 mobile programmatic advertising will be worth $20.4 billion compared to PC (only $6.34). Due to the report, video and so-called native advertising are expected to dominate in the programmatic growth in mobile. (more…)

Mobile Video Stats in 2015

mobile video

Mobile devices are becoming the first thing people look at when they wake up and the last thing they see before going to sleep. Currently, figures show there are 3.65 billion unique global mobile users, and around 50% of the world is connected to a mobile phone. For all marketing experts and advertisers those figures only mean one thing – mobile users are a target as the perfect niche throughout every company’s content marketing campaign. But if you are not convinced yet, here are more pieces of evidence of the mobile video domination you need to go through: