New WordPress Plugin Will Support Facebook Instant Articles

WordPress plugin

Due to the Facebook’s launch of Instant Articles in April, WordPress announced the launching of its own plugin that will transform WordPress content into Instant Articles. This plugin is, for now, available on Github and is open source. The tool will soon be available on the official WordPress plugins directory. We are all waiting with anticipation for the launching of Facebook’s Instant Articles and to find out how they will affect the digital world, and to see if this new tool really provides a traffic and revenue boost to the publisher as promised. (more…)

VAST 4.0: New Features And How Will They Affect Publishers and Advertisers

VAST 4.0

Before introducing to you with VAST 4.0, let me remind you of the significance of VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) in the video industry. VAST is XML package for delivering the video content with other information required for advertising. It organizes ad tags that serve ads to video players and transfers important metadata about an ad from the ad server to a video player. VAST was created in 2008 and since it’s creation it has contributed a lot to the evolution of the digital video marketplace, as it has provided the monetization of video content with ads. (more…)

Facebook’s Traffic To Top 30 Publishers Declined 32% Since January


According to SimpleReach, Facebook referral traffic (counting down the desktop and mobile results) to the top 30 Facebook publishers has declined by 32%. This results refer from the beginning of the year till October, states this distribution analytics company.The results are similar with those from SimilarWeb, which looked at the 50 biggest publishers of this social network from the beginning of the year till September. The main question is why publishers Facebook traffic has declined. Some of the publishers stated Facebook doesn’t communicate directly with them about their traffic fluctuations. One of the reasons publishers have listed is that they have difficulties when it comes to isolating its own actions from things Facebook does, and that might directly influence their traffic performance. (more…)

IAB Launches a L.E.A.N. Ads Program as The Answer to Ad Blocking Issues

Ad Blocking

The Interactive Advertising Bureau announced it is launching a new approach to ad standards. The new L.E.A.N. Ads program, created by the IAB Tech Lab, is expected to find the main cause why consumers are turning to ad blockers. The program is going to make sure that targeting is done appropriately, and the user is targeted appropriately before, not after they make a purchase. As IAB believes that ad blocking is a threat to the industry, L.E.A.N. represents a way how IAB plans to address that threat. The first recommendation for publishers is to speed up page loads by no longer pre-loading ads when the units aren’t in view. The second way is retiring video autoplay in many contexts and disposing of flashing and blinking ads. IAB suggests publishers need to turn away advertisers that don’t follow the listed standards. (more…)