April 19, 2019

BridTV Any-Ad: High-Yield Monetization

Seeking out superior technological solutions is a necessary cornerstone of any web-based endeavor. Upgrading your monetization plan is the next step. Elevating your ad-powered online business is only a few clicks away. As a web publisher, it’s time to seize the opportunity to invest and expand your business by using BridTV Any-Ad; an enhanced Outstream Unit monetization solution.
March 20, 2018

In-stream vs Outstream Video Ads

As marketers continue to search for more and more innovative ways to increase ad revenue, and as a format, video continues to be the best possible solution available. It grabs the audience’s attention faster and better than any other type of content via social sites, mobile web, in-app, through desktop channels. Right now mobile devices are the top means with which users get their video content. And, as you are no doubt aware, not all mobile video is created equal, which is exactly why you need to introduce certain factors to boost video and video ad performance. Currently, there are […]
November 22, 2017

Outstream Video Ads

According to the latest research data, the “play” button is, in fact, the most compelling call-to-action on the web. It was also estimated that by 2019, online videos are going to generate 15.4 billion in spend, and generate 80% of all internet traffic. No wonder outstream video advertising has emerged as an important revenue source for most publishers whether they are  limited with video content or not. Essentially an outstream ad is a video ad unit not tied to any piece of publisher video content. It can run within standard ad placements, on the corner of the page, or within […]