Biggest Online Video Frustration Is…

Display Advertising brings Limelight Networks biannual State of Online Video report with very interesting data. Quick example: if a video buffers three times, 78% of the audience clicks away. Buffering is singled out as the biggest online video frustration viewers are dealing with. Quality of the video is at close second. Judging by this report, much as with web design trends, having a reliable and speedy video player is the crucial for future businesses. What more, even though we all know and expect video to become main engagement tool for businesses it seams video is getting ground faster then predicted.

51% of Online Video Plays on Mobile Devices

According to the latest Global Video Index stats, which draw insights from more than 3.5 billion video analytic events per day from 220 million viewers across the world, based on customers who visit on more days each month — at least seven days per month but typically many more — and made more frequent visits each day than an “average” customer.


Not All Video Players Are Created Equal

Video Players

The efficiency of video player depends on a video platform behind it. Video platform should provide many video options ( such as encoding, streaming, customization of your video player, management of your video content, video monetization, servicing you video ads). Besides the basic options, every platform should offer …. well, a little extra that could significantly influence users video marketing success.