Biggest Online Video Frustration Is…
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Video Content Marketing brings Limelight Networks biannual State of Online Video report with very interesting data. Quick example: if a video buffers three times, 78% of the audience clicks away. Buffering is singled out as the biggest online video frustration viewers are dealing with. Quality of the video is at close second. Judging by this report, much as with web design trends, having a reliable and speedy video player is the crucial for future businesses. What more, even though we all know and expect video to become main engagement tool for businesses it seams video is getting ground faster then predicted.

Not All Video Players Are Created Equal
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Video Players

The efficiency of video player depends on a video platform behind it. Video platform should provide many video options ( such as encoding, streaming, customization of your video player, management of your video content, video monetization, servicing you video ads). Besides the basic options, every platform should offer …. well, a little extra that could significantly influence users video marketing success.


85% of Companies Find Success With Video Marketing
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video marketing

According to Ascend2’s report, 85% of conducted companies think video marketing is a very useful strategy. Video marketing is rated as highly successful with 25% of companies, other 60% stated video marketing can be relatively successful. Due to this report, the most important goals achieved with a video marketing strategy is the expansion of brand awareness, the increase of online engagement and leads generated. 48% of surveyed companies have stated that the biggest obstacle to video marketing success is when they don’t have an effective strategy. The respondents were US and international marketing, sales and business professionals. Around 50% of the marketers stated customer testimonials, the explainer or tutorial videos, and demonstration videos are the most effective types of video content that can be used in a marketing strategy. (more…)

Tech industry’s largest companies have banded together to boost the quality of online video
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The new Alliance for Open Media seeks to create new online video compression technology by 2016 or 2017 designed to make better use of the networks that deliver online video to smartphones, computers, streaming-media devices, video game consoles and TVs. Improving video compression is a ceaseless activity, but what’s different this time is the motive behind the alliance — the desire to sidestep a patent-licensing minefield that afflicted what for years looked like the best next-generation video compression technology — and the range of players involved. The fact that this time Microsoft is on the same side as Google and Mozilla means the technology has a greater chance of succeeding.

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Even More Reasons to Power Your Online Video With
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Online Video

Let’s review all improvements our platform has made through the past year. The entire Brid.Tv online video platform still requires no contracts, no obligations and it’s still entirely free for the webmaster to start using from day one, which represents a whole new webmaster-friendly approach in the field of enterprise-level online video platforms. It’s an enterprise-level service for no costs whatsoever, tailored towards the big boys as much as the smaller sites.

The player we offer with this service is now cutting-edge HTML5 tech, highly modular and modifiable in the sense that we can tailor its design to fit the webmaster’s website perfectly. It has extremely fast loading times and that it’s fully hosted on Amazon Cloud. provides to all the webmasters out there a robust and feature-rich turn-key solution to post their videos online and monetize them the way they want to. (more…)

Facebook is Testing a Watch Later Button For Video Viewing
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Watch Later

Facebook is testing a new “Watch Later” button, a little tab that allows users to point out a video they want to watch at a later time. The Watch Later tab will be suitable for desktop viewers as an overlay positioned in the upper right corner. This feature may benefit Facebook in the “struggle” against YouTube, as this new playing option can make users stay longer on site and it can provide the possibility to come back later to watch the flagged video when they want to. The new improvement will give advertisers one more reason to keep Facebook video in the top of their mind. One thing’s for sure, this new option will definitely provide Facebook users a chance to engage with more of the video content posted by their friends and others they follow on this social network. (more…)

Premium OTT Revenues to Increase x2 or More by 2018
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OTT Revenues

Revenues for premium OTT services are expected to increase from 2014’s high of $4 billion to between $8 billion and $12 billion in 2018, according to a new report from London-based research firm MTM and commissioned by Ooyala and Vindicia. Premium OTT services, referred to this study, include providers and subscription video on demand such as OTT giant Netflix, service HBO Now, and provider WWE Network. But this OTT market segment will face a number of challenges as more companies are appearing in the market  that could represent a future threat to them. Due to these threats, this study points out that Netflix spent less than $2 billion on content in 2012, but will spend well over $3 billion in 2015. (more…)