JW vs Brightcove vs BridTV
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The online video scene is like a constantly changing, constantly evolving field where publishers and various business owners keep looking for new ways to break through and make an impact. Finding your own way to success in a market that is overflowing with competition is quite possible and it may be easier than you think. Things may get a bit challenging along the way, that is until you find your bearings. The key thing is to crystalize your objective. When you’re looking to compete on the B2B market, video advertising is the key that opens all doors. It’s probably one of the best forms of monetization.

But that’s not the only area that’s expanding. For example, IAB noted that programmatic video buying is also gaining traction. According to their findings, based on data that was gathered from 358 agencies and marketers 45% of digital video ad spend was bought programmatically in 2017. Meanwhile, an increasing number of publishers are investing well over $1 million per year on digital advertising.

These are all valid reasons why, as a publisher, you should start to get to know the scene of the programmatic video. In addition, in the process of creating a video or being on the lookout for alternative monetization platforms is your best bet, as opposed to traditional video advertising. Publishers need to focus on video ad units, video ad networks, video header bidding, and various other factors that denote utilizing a reliable video platform.

In this modern-day video landscape, it’s certainly not an easy task having to choose the right video platform for your B2B efforts.


HTML5 Video Player Comparison
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HTML5 Video Player Comparison Page

January 2018 update: Video marketing has steadily turned into a priority for most marketers in 2017. It was marked as Facebook’s top 2017 content and it made YouTube the second largest search platform.

There is no doubt video will continue to shape the digital marketing industry in 2018. CISCO reports video will be representing 80 percent of all Internet traffic by 2021, up from 67 percent in 2016.

With 2017 behind us, now is the best time to look at the current offering of the internet’s top HTML5 video players. So, where does BridTV player fit and what will be the focus of video players attention in the future?