73% of Publishers Promise to Provide More Video Inventory to Satisfy Advertiser Needs
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The surveyed 529 advertiser decision makers from brands, agencies and media owners globally claim the lack of video inventory in the market is holding back growth in online video advertising, shows the latest Forrester study. Around 70% of surveyed advertisers said their plan is to increase video budgets over the next two years, but 40% said that the lack of premium video inventory is expected to suppress spend increase. In response to market demand, ¾ of publishers have pledged to create more premium video inventory and offer higher volumes of video inventory. Forrester surveyed agencies, advertisers and publishers from the UK, USA, Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

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The Importance Of Video Content In Every Retailer’s Marketing Strategy
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Retailers To Take The Lead In Digital Ad Spending

Retailers will take the lead in digital ad spending, shows the latest research done by eMarketer. Digital ad spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $58.61 billion this year, and the predictions of eMarketer are that retailers ad spending will account 22% of the total figure. Retailers advertising expenditure will go up to 17% compared to the previous year, reaching $12.91 billion. Retailers are investing more aggressively in mobile and programmatic display ads, and the predictions are they will spend almost twice in mobile advertising compared to any other industry. As for video content, eMarketer states retailers will account for 19.9% of the total video ad expenditure ($7.77 billion). Here is some more data that show the importance of video content in retailer’s marketing strategy. (more…)

90% of Twitter video views take place on a mobile device
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The latest Twitter report shows 90% of Twitter videos are being watched on a tablet or smartphone, and around 70% of Twitter users watch videos found in their feed. Twitter state’s that native video can drive 2.5X more as many replies and 3X as many retweets than any third-party video shared on this social network service. According to this report, 50% of users spend their time on Twitter watching sports clips and TV shows, while 64% watch breaking news. As video content is becoming more popular on Twitter, advertisers should consider the importance of Twitter while creating their video marketing campaigns.

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