Mobile Has Become One Of The Top Priorities for Retailers in Their Digital Marketing Strategy
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Retailers are making a list of new digital marketing priorities as they are expected to face with new marketing challenges in 2016. Stats show one of the top digital marketing priorities for retailers are mobile (responsive design and app development) and basic marketing activities like search optimization and customer acquisition. According to a survey from, Forrester Research and Bizrate Insights, retailers in North America were questioned to list their top three priorities for their digital business in 2016. Around 59% of the marketers stated mobile and marketing were their priorities. 41% of retailers said site merchandising was a leading priority for their digital business. Due to this study, we can safely say mobile’s importance to retail has become indisputable. If your choice for promoting your products through mobile devices goes for video content, read our post about the importance of video content in every retailer’s marketing strategy.

In 2016 US Digital Display Ad Spending Will Surpass Search Ad Spending
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This year digital display ad spending is expected to surpass search ad spending in the US for the first time. Video, sponsorships, rich media and “banners and other” will account for 47.9% of digital ad spending, reaching the figure of $32.17 billion. Due to the predictions, advertisers will invest the most on “banners and other,” an advertising category that covers native ads and ads shared on popular social sites. Video will account for 14.3% of total ad spending, up from 12.8% in 2015. According to the eMarketer’s study, video will grow due to publishers looking to capitalize on high-demand, high-value in-stream video ad inventory. (more…)

In 2015 Brands Increased Their Ad Spend On Video Platforms By 43%
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According to L2 research firm, in 2016 brands increased their ad spend on video platforms by 43%. The study was based on data collected from nine markets across the world, including the U.S., UK, Brazil, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Russia, and South Korea. The study also showed that those markets spent 42.5% more on social media, compared to 2014, and 12.5% more on search in 2015, and only 2.6% more on TV advertising. L2 research showed that brands who increased their ad spend on video platforms preferred to advertise on YouTube.This  video-sharing website claimed 59% of all brand interactions. Instagram took the second place (35%), and Facebook took the third (6%).

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Digital Ad Spending Expected To Surpass TV By 2017
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Magna Global ’s latest report on the global advertising marketplace shows, based on the data collected from 73 countries that media owner advertising revenues grew by +3.2% in 2015 to $503 billion. This result is lower than the previous forecast (the last prediction was +3.9% in June). According to Magna Global estimates digital ad sales are expected to increase by +17.2% globally this year, compared to sales on traditional media formats that are expected to decline by -2.0%.  Digital spending is expected to reach $160 billion next year. TV advertising will account for $190 billion in 2016. Due to the Magna Global ’s stats, in 2017 their positions will be vice-versa.

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Google Introduces New Advertising Support For AMP Pages
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Google stated they plan to roll out fast-loading AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages into its mobile search results early next year. This project  is intended to make pages appear super-fast for those who use mobile devices. The company announced there are partners set to help publishers earn off those pages. Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense are working within the framework to improve the advertising experience for users, publishers and advertisers on the mobile web. The reason these additions are important is because it will enable publishers to have better flexibility to monetize their mobile pages, and to avoid some limitations, like in systems, for example, Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News. (more…)

Online Holiday Sales Expected to Hit $83 Billion
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Holiday Sales

According to recent Adobe’s 2015 holiday sales forecast, e-commerce sales are expected to hit record numbers in 2015, growing for 11% compared to 2014 and reaching $83 billion in sales. Adobe’s forecast shows during the Thanksgiving Day  e-commerce sales will reach $1.6 billion, and during the Black Friday is expected to reach $1.7 billion. Mobile will drive the majority of online shopping visits, for around 51 %. Social media-driven sales are  expected to stagnate, accounting for just 2% of referred visits. Facebook will keep the leading position, where the highest revenue per visit is expected to reach $1.24. The forecast still points about social media along with display ads will be the one to help consumers the most to reach for the best deals, as 14% of consumers discover discounts with the help of the social media sites, and 23% find discounts on display ads. (more…)

Marketers Investing More In Video Advertising Than on TV Ads
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AOL’s sixth annual State of the Video Industry report shows marketers are investing more in their digital advertising budgets compared to the traditional. For the purpose of this report, they surveyed near to 300 agencies, publishers, and brands. While TV budget growth is stagnating, marketers investment have been redirected to video advertising, is long overdue. The report shows spending on US digital video ads grew by 42% to $7.46 billion this year, and it’s expected reach over $13B by 2019. Check out the rest of the findings at ReelSEO page. (more…)

IAB Launches a L.E.A.N. Ads Program as The Answer to Ad Blocking Issues
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Ad Blocking

The Interactive Advertising Bureau announced it is launching a new approach to ad standards. The new L.E.A.N. Ads program, created by the IAB Tech Lab, is expected to find the main cause why consumers are turning to ad blockers. The program is going to make sure that targeting is done appropriately, and the user is targeted appropriately before, not after they make a purchase. As IAB believes that ad blocking is a threat to the industry, L.E.A.N. represents a way how IAB plans to address that threat. The first recommendation for publishers is to speed up page loads by no longer pre-loading ads when the units aren’t in view. The second way is retiring video autoplay in many contexts and disposing of flashing and blinking ads. IAB suggests publishers need to turn away advertisers that don’t follow the listed standards. (more…)

Google Display Network Will Charge Only For Viewed Ads
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Google announced the company will charge for viewed display ads only. Brad Bender, vice president of product management of the Google Display Network, stated Google is going to migrate all of the CPMsin the system to viewable CPMs. This change is expected to benefit the advertiser, especially after Google stats show 56% of online display ads never have a chance to be viewed. This will help advertisers to track viewable metrics, and plan their following steps more wisely in their advertising strategy. There are various reasons listed as the cause of invisibility: because they are positioned low on a page, because  they have scrolled out of view, or when they are placed in a tab that isn’t active.

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Mobile Is The Most Popular Medium For Advertising To College Students
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IAB and Qriously conducted a study that indicates smartphone screens are the primary medium for reaching today’s college students. The results of the study indicate students rather than the average smartphone user use their mobile phone to notice relevant ads (28% vs. 22%). 55% of the questionnaires said that they have acted after seeing a relevant ad on their mobile phone, which is compared to typical smartphone owners a higher score (49%). The students are more likely to search for information based on seeing ads (13% vs. 9.5%) opposite to other smartphone users. According to the study, students (especially female college students) are more likely to choose a brand based on social media presence and friends’ opinions, compared to the typical smartphone user. (more…)