How to Monetize Your Video Content?
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How to Monetize Your Video Content?
Online video content is a rapidly expanding, ever thriving market. Advertisers are looking for better ways to incorporate video ads into their campaigns. Several trends are now spreading, each one of them making video content an even bigger potential for publishers. Businesses small and large are looking to spread the word about their products and video is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with consumers. Also, people are acquiring endless amounts of products online, so now publishers have put two and two together and are mostly seeking platforms or sites that allow them to reach and engage audiences as quickly as possible.


Fastest And Easiest Ways to Monetize Your Video Content
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Fastest And Easiest Ways to Monetize Your Video Content

The past year has seen a massive jump in the popularity of online video. Hardly any business can be conducted without the use of video content and online video platform of any type. In accordance to that, we’ve seen exponential growth in video content marketing, which has now become the chief tool for publishers to get their brands out the door and into the online world. (more…)

Keeping Up With The Trends: FaceBook Instant Article
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FaceBook Instant Article

On April 12th 2015, FaceBook Instant Article will be turned into an open platform, that will be available for all publishers of any size. According to the company, the main goal is to provide a fast and immersive reading experience for people on Facebook.

Instant Articles are aimed to solve some specific problems Facebook users are faced with, especially slow loading times on the mobile web. It’s a huge problem for people who prefer reading news on their phones and one Google, with their AMP Project initiative, is trying to solve as well. The problem doesn’t concern only the consumers. It has a huge impact on publishers, specifically those with audiences with low connectivity. (more…)

Brid.Tv Video Player 2.0!
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Brid.Tv Player 2.0

Power your videos with 2.0 Video Player! Just when you thought there is nothing new to be said in video players world, Brid.Tv 2.0 player is here to prove the opposite. We are happy to announce our Brid.Tv improvements that we have cooked in our labs for the last couple of months. We’re thrilled to provide a solution to our customers that will optimize their social sharing options, improve their video quality, that could provide delivery of their video content directly to any device (both mobile or desktop) faster than before, and (with our new features) make their video experience one of a kind. Our publishers will now be able to enjoy real level-up of performance and smoothness like they could only expect from the most expensive enterprise video platforms on the market. Check out our new explainer video which underlines all benefits of our platform, and all the good stuff that, as an enterprise-level free online video platform and player solution, has there for you. It has never been a better time to sign for the Brid.Tv player, one true future of the free video publishing, than it is now.


Play Your YouTube Videos Via
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youtube syndication

When it comes to creating a blog or a website, and making it popular, there is a strong correlation between those brands who produce the most videos and those who get the most views. When brands use photos and videos in combination with written posts, they will surely create more attractive content and give their users a richer material about the subject they want to talk about. Many experts give advantage to video content over written posts, because video form is mobile, dynamic, shareable, and it can be far more engaging than standard text-driven marketing.

All Global brands have a YouTube channel, and no wonder as YouTube has 1 billion users, and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. But if you’re a start-up video publisher and have a Youtube channel you should think twice before publishing your videos on YouTube exclusively, as YouTube takes 45% of all your ad fees and controls all aspects of monetization for you. (more…)

The Advantages Of Internet Marketing Over The Traditional Marketing
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Internet marketing

For any business to be successful, choosing the right marketing policy should be a priority. Key points to a good marketing strategy, depending on the business and budget, are choosing where you want to invest more, in traditional or online marketing tools. For years now, many brands have turned to traditional marketing to promote their businesses as a tried-and-true formula for promoting products or a company. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail and trade shows are all good promoting channels, even though the disadvantages of traditional marketing started to become more obvious. Usually very costly and with more time required to sink in, gap between the traditional marketing and online marketing continues to widen.

The benefits of online marketing

Internet is quickly becoming a synonym for effective marketing as it helps companies across the world to target their audience (more…)

3 Good Reasons Why YouTube Shouldn’t Be Your Only Video Publishing Choice
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No one can deny that YouTube is the 800lb gorilla of the online video industry. Owning almost one fifth of the video advertising market, it is an influential video platform, to say the least. But being successful by and in itself doesn’t mean that everybody will get an equal piece of the pie. When choosing a video hosting and publishing platform, one should consider strategic business goals, budget disposal, and carefully evaluate all the available options.

One of the best ways to promote your business in today’s market would certainly be through rich video content. A strong video inventory is becoming an essential marketing tool, as video encourages brand engagement and shareability. (more…)

Setting Up WordPress Plugin (Part 2) – Monetization Of Videos
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WordPress Plugin

Easy monetize your videos with wordpress plugin

Once you have set up your videos and uploaded them to your WordPress plugin page, it is now time to make money with them. So, what are the monetization options that Easy Video Publish WordPress plugin offers to our users?

Brid player is powered by Google for both desktop and mobile web to deliver ads across all major devices, with full support for VAST and VPAID standards. It is also fully integrated with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video, offering support for advanced features like content targeting and Ad Rules for video. Finally with the help of IAB’s VAST and VPAID standards, Brid player works with any other major ad platform. Monetize inventory from OpenX,, Tremor Video, AdTech and many others.

In addition to standard, linear video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), Brid player also supports non-linear overlays.

Now, setting up your ads and monetizing your content takes seconds with our WordPress plugin. All you need to do is to follow few simple steps and you’ll be ready to rumble in no time.