Mobile Accounts For 65% Of Digital Media Time
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Digital Media

According to comScore’s report, mobile is now the growth driver, and desktop is in second place when we are speaking about digital media consumption. The report, entitled 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus, shows that mobile now accounts for 65% of all total digital media time while desktop accounts for 35% of digital time spent. This report from comScore has collected a great number of data to investigate the multi-platform state of Internet user behavior and get to these conclusions. (more…)

Keeping Up With The Trends: FaceBook Instant Article
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FaceBook Instant Article

On April 12th 2015, FaceBook Instant Article will be turned into an open platform, that will be available for all publishers of any size. According to the company, the main goal is to provide a fast and immersive reading experience for people on Facebook.

Instant Articles are aimed to solve some specific problems Facebook users are faced with, especially slow loading times on the mobile web. It’s a huge problem for people who prefer reading news on their phones and one Google, with their AMP Project initiative, is trying to solve as well. The problem doesn’t concern only the consumers. It has a huge impact on publishers, specifically those with audiences with low connectivity. (more…)

Keeping Up With The Trends: AMP Project
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Publishers who want to reach their audience through mobile have a problem with their web pages taking too long to load on mobile devices. That is why they often lose their readers, and additionally the opportunity to earn revenue. Following the latest problem publishers are faced with, Google has created a new open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and it is expected from this project to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. (more…)

Sharing On Mobile Devices Is More Frequent Than On Desktops
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According to ShareThis latest study on social behavior across various devices, sharing on mobile devices is notably more frequent than on desktops. People use iPhone more than any other mobile devices for social sharing. iPhone users prefer using Facebook for social sharing their content. The other popular social channels are Twitter and Pinterest. The top shared content categories on Facebook for iPhone users are Family & Parenting, Arts & Entertainment, Health, Technology, and Government. The conclusion is people engage more with social channels on devices which better support their activities and content consumption. ShareThis study shows that for desktop the usage of social networks grows from early morning ( 9 am ) till 3 pm. After 3 pm, the study shows desktop usage decreases. Around 5 pm, desktop usage climbs up again til 8 pm. (more…)

Apps Using Google’s New App Indexing API Will Receive A Ranking Boost
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During SMX East, Mariya Moeva, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, stated those apps that use the new App Indexing API will get additional boost ranking. Here are some new beta features that App Indexing developers can use:

  • They can segment out Search Analytics data based on clicks on the search result links.
  • The ability to fetch as Google by uploading an unpublished APK version directly through the fetch as Google feature.
  • Google results will show the complete API response that contains a title, description and API URL.

Google announced in February apps that leveraged App Indexing would get a boost in ranking in mobile search. (more…)

Mobile Advertising Revenue Worldwide Hit $31.9 Billion in 2014
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Mobile Advertising

IAB, IAB Europe & IHS revealed their global figures for mobile advertising revenue, which increased 64.8% to $31.9bn (€23.9bn) in 2014, compared to $19.3bn (€14.6bn) in 2013. The global figure for mobile advertising revenue in 2014 is made up of the following regional shares: North America: 44.9%, Asia-Pacific: 36.5% , Europe: 16.6% , Middle East and Africa: 1.2% and Latin America: 0.8%. Mobile display again showed the highest growth (88.%), overtaking search as the dominant segment. Display represented 47.4% of the total global mobile advertising revenue in 2014. (more…)

The Share Of Mobile Online Video Viewing Threatening To Overtake Desktop Viewing By Q4 2016
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During the past year, 26% of online video views were on a mobile device, which is a 63% year-over-year growth rate, shows the latest Adobe’s study (U.S. Digital Video 2014 Inaugural Report). If this rate continues, mobile viewing will overtake desktop viewing by Q4 2016. Those stats refer to video starts, however, viewers prefer watching far longer videos on desktops than on mobile devices. In Q4 2014, viewers spent an average of 5 hours and 49 minutes watching media and entertainment video on desktops – that’s 16 times longer compared to the time they spend watching the same content on smartphones.

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