Deliver Stunning Video Experience To Your Facebook Instant Articles Audience
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Deliver Stunning Video Experience To Your Facebook Instant Articles Audience

Facebook Instant Articles started out last year as a way to solve specific problems Facebook users were faced with, especially slow loading times on the mobile web. As with all things Facebook was on top of matters pretty quickly, which comes as no surprise. By using Instant Articles, publishers have their ads showing (as well as relevant data) and they have full control over the reading experience of their audience. In return Facebook got quality content people would enjoy/like/share and bring even more popularity to world’s biggest social networking site.


The Rise Of Mobile Video Advertising
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mobile advertising

Many things have changed in the digital advertising sphere during 2015. Total digital ad spend in the US has accounted for around $58 billion in 2015, which represents a significant growth compared to the $50 billion in 2014, shows The Sixth annual State of the Video Industry report done by AOL . The predictions are that US digital spend growth will only go up, reaching  $93.7 billion in 2019. This growth is mainly coming from video content and that has been consumed mostly on mobile devices. (more…)

Trends That Will Dominate 2016
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Trends in 2016The end of the year is a great time to wrap up what you have done so far, check what’s being working for you in a year behind you and prepare your digital marketing strategy for a year ahead of you. As blueprint for your 2016 digital marketing strategy takes shape I thought about presenting you with what’s currently in focus of most marketers and spread out some predictions for the year 2016. Take the time over the holiday season to do the research and plan where your focus should be in next year and focus is, believe me, what you’ll be needing the most.

Marketing has changed drastically over the past couple years and will continue to change as the buyer’s/visitors/prospects habit’s change and new technologies rise. As marketers we need to evolve and adapt. However, quality branding, creative content creation and knowing and understanding your target audience behavior and hangouts are still at the core of any real marketing strategy.


Mobile Video Stats in 2015
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mobile video

Mobile devices are becoming the first thing people look at when they wake up and the last thing they see before going to sleep. Currently, figures show there are 3.65 billion unique global mobile users, and around 50% of the world is connected to a mobile phone. For all marketing experts and advertisers those figures only mean one thing – mobile users are a target as the perfect niche throughout every company’s content marketing campaign. But if you are not convinced yet, here are more pieces of evidence of the mobile video domination you need to go through:


Why Are Video Ads The Best Advertising Choice Nowadays?
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Video Ads

Online video ads are one of the fastest-growing ad formats. Stats show that online video ads are getting three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats, including mobile, display, and rich media ads. If you aren’t already involving videos in your marketing strategy here is why now is the time to invest in a video as you number one advertising choice:

Kids Chose Mobile Video Over Traditional TV
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Miner & Co. Studio findings show 57% of kids prefer watching video on smartphones and tablets rather than on traditional television screens. The study is based on the 800 surveyed parents who were questioned about their children’s viewing habits. According to this research, 39% of the parents said their kids usually consume the same content on multiple devices at the same time. The study also reveals that about 50% of the questioned parents usually punish their kids by removing mobiles from them and forcing them to watch content on television screens instead. Children’s obsession with mobiles proves the fact that even 41% of them said they would pick mobile devices over having dessert.

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Get Your Share Of Mobile Video With
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mobile video

Mobile online video viewing is increasing – Ooyala found mobile video consumption has jumped 100 percent year-over-year between the Q1 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. Ooyala forecasts for mobile video’s share to cross 50% growth by Q3 ’15. Therefore, it’s become imperative that organizations enable the anytime-anywhere delivery of video content across all handheld devices. Since video sharing is growing in popularity, and more and more mobile users are and will spend time-consuming videos on their mobile devices, social media marketers need to start putting mobile video at the top of their web video production when creating successful social media campaign strategies for their clients. (more…)

People are Watching More Videos on Their Smartphones Compared to 2014
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According to a new IAB study, 35% of viewers are watching more video on their smartphones compared to last year state. More viewers are watching long-form video on their mobile devices than ever before, and over a 1/3 of the surveyed answered that they are watching mobile video content that lasts 5 minutes or longer at least once a day. The IAB questioned 4.800 people in 24 countries. Those surveyed in China, Turkey, Finland, Singapore and Russia were the ones most likely to watch long-form videos on handheld devices.

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State of Mobile Advertising in 2015
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mobile advertising

More often than before, people are using mobile devices, and according to Cisco by 2018, more than 64% of the world’s population will be mobile users. Here is the current state of the industry that explains why you need to put mobile first while creating your marketing campaign:

Mobile Video Dominates

Mobile usage has become a part of the everyday routine of an average human being, and lately this trend is passing on the video consumption department as well, as more people are watching video on mobile devices. During the past year, 26% of online video views were on a mobile device, which is a 63% year-over-year growth rate. (more…)