The Rise Of Mobile Video Advertising

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Many things have changed in the digital advertising sphere during 2015. Total digital ad spend in the US has accounted for around $58 billion in 2015, which represents a significant growth compared to the $50 billion in 2014, shows The Sixth annual State of the Video Industry report done by AOL . The predictions are that US digital spend growth will only go up, reaching  $93.7 billion in 2019. This growth is mainly coming from video content and that has been consumed mostly on mobile devices. (more…)

Mobile Has Become One Of The Top Priorities for Retailers in Their Digital Marketing Strategy


Retailers are making a list of new digital marketing priorities as they are expected to face with new marketing challenges in 2016. Stats show one of the top digital marketing priorities for retailers are mobile (responsive design and app development) and basic marketing activities like search optimization and customer acquisition. According to a survey from, Forrester Research and Bizrate Insights, retailers in North America were questioned to list their top three priorities for their digital business in 2016. Around 59% of the marketers stated mobile and marketing were their priorities. 41% of retailers said site merchandising was a leading priority for their digital business. Due to this study, we can safely say mobile’s importance to retail has become indisputable. If your choice for promoting your products through mobile devices goes for video content, read our post about the importance of video content in every retailer’s marketing strategy.

Mobile Video Ads Boost Brand Awareness In Japan


Mobile video ads boost awareness and intent in Japan, showed results from research done in September 2015. App-CM and Macromill have researched brand lift among internet users who had seen various video or TV ad campaigns compared to those who had not. According to research, around 80% of internet users exposed to mobile video ads were aware of the brand advertised, compared to people who had not viewed mobile video ads. The study showed that mobile video ads combined with TV campaigns give a bigger boost.

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AOL: 20% Of Ad Buyers Increased Their Mobile Video Spend This Year

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Ad buyers are already investing more in the mobile video format, according to the “Crossing the Programmatic Buyer-Seller Divide” survey done by AOL Platforms. The study showed 20% of ad buyers increased their expenditure on mobile video advertising this year. This represents a jump, compared to the previous AOL’s report, which found mobile video spending had increased 18% since 2014. Due to the purpose of this study  AOL conducted 31 of the company’s publisher clients and 18 partners who use demand-side platforms. The survey found the most common ad viewability rate was an average of 65-74%, stated the media brand’s ad buyers and publishing partners. The prediction is that mobile video advertising spend will reach the figure of  $159 worldwide by 2018. (more…)

Mobile HTML5 Video Advertising

Mobile HTML5

Mobile video has been growing steadily for years and now mobile video consumption has escalated, becoming, for video advertisers and marketers, their number one concern.

The Rise of Mobile Video

Let’s remind us about the latest stats that prove the impact mobile has on the video industry: (more…)