Optimize Your Video Position and Size
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As the popularity of online video grows, publishers and various businesses (small or large) are getting a more precise knowledge about the behavior of viewers. As the need and support for HTML5 video increases, the video is becoming the chief way to grab audiences and keep them interested. For example, utilizing video as a background design feature has become rather trendy as of late.

On a general note, recent research has shown that video represents the very epicenter of the digital marketing world. With each passing year, we see the demand for video increasing rapidly, with 53% of people craving to view a greater amount of video content from marketers. Meanwhile, globally, 51.9% of marketing professionals are stating that video is the kind of content that delivers the best possible ROI.

The Advantages of Using Video on Landing Pages
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According to a study done by Eye View Digital, videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. Videos combine four elements that humans are wired to pay attention to: faces, voices, body language and movement. That’s why landing page videos can be a perfect way for demonstrating the benefits of your product or service in a brief, effective, and informative way. Videos can increase the length of time people stay on your web page, and if you place a video on your product page, people will be more interested in watching that video than reading a long text instead. Stats show that only 28% of the words on an average page of a website are actually read. Latest studies on web use have shown that humans have an attention span of 8.25 seconds, and as we already know that web attention spans are short, videos can serve you as a great way to say everything you want about you and your your product benefits and still keep your audience’s attention. (more…)