All Video Ad Formats Supported, So Monetize Away

Manage and fully monetize your video content with the help of all known ad formats. Utilize other benefits of BridTV, including Any-Ad™ monetization, Ads Marketplace and more.

Monetization Solutions

Extensive Macro Support
Imbuing the ad campaign with a video ad tag complete with IP, latitude and/or longitude macros is just the ticket. Publishers are equipped with a variety of tools to achieve better fill rates and click-thru. But there’s more…
Google Certified IMA SDK Integration
BridTv integrates the latest Google IMA SDKs to support publishers on the new DFP platform.
Ad Scheduler & Unlimited Ad Waterfall
BridTV denotes IAB compliance VAST 2, 3 & 4, VPAID 2 and VPAID 3, VMAP 1.0.1 and more. Ad scheduling is a powerful addition to the ad tech we provide. You can also rely on unlimited ad tag waterfall - this is an elegant way for publishers to boost remnant inventory, which would otherwise end up unused (also supported: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, post-roll, and banner).
Header Bidding with Prebid.js and SpotX
Effectively upgrade your growth strategy with an intelligent video monetization solution via simple code implementation. Explore Header Bidding.
Ad Block Solutions
Save bandwidth by using highly effective ad insertions, and create customized messages when ad blocker is present (a huge benefit for web publishers).
Outstream Ad Units
BridTV Outstream Ads branch out into a variety of innovative formats to help you elevate your ad-powered online business.

Ads Marketplace

The BridTV ads revenue platform, the Ads Marketplace, creates a variety of monetization possibilities for web publishers. Primarily you will be able to imbue your own online business with additional revenue powered by Google ADX (Google Ads Manager).


Supporting All Key Ad Formats

VAST/VPAID support - VAST 2, 3 and 4 and VPAID 2.0 and 3.0

Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, display banner support

Google IMA SDK integration

Ad GEO targeting

Unlimited Ad Tag waterfall

Ad Inspector  Stream Tester  Event Inspector

Only on BridTV Any-Ad™ - Intelligent Banner Fallback

Creating additional revenue is the goal here. Optimize your ad tech even further by using our in-house smart banner fallback solution. Web publishers can easily incorporate Any-Ad™ into their monetization system. All you have to do is copy a single embed code and the video player handles the rest.


Comprehensive Ad Analytics

Customize your ad technology and improve monetization by marking the friction points of your video content and creatives. Our powerful analytics covers a variety of data, including specific and highly detailed ad metrics.


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Monetize, improve ROI and boost your ad revenue with BridTV


August 8, 2019

Video Ads Monetization

July 11, 2018

BridTV Video Player 3.0

FASTER, FUTURE-PROOF, BETTER WITH ADS We are pushing the boundaries, again! When it comes to online video, innovation is the key to success. We have hand-crafted products which we are immensely proud of like Adblock recovery solution ADIQ and White Label video SSP. However, the core product of BridTV has always been the HTML5 video player and platform supporting it. Building the fastest HTML5 player has never been an easy task. Ensuring that the player stays quick, nimble, and responsive at all times and on all screens is even harder. During the last couple of months we’ve been hard at […]
May 15, 2018

Modern-Day HTML5 Video Player: The Overview

Nearly 60% of advertisers’ digital budgets are allocated to video this year (IAB’s Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study 2018). For many publishers video already plays a central role in their digital marketing strategy boosting audience engagement and conversion. Growing consumer demand for original video content, particularly among desirable, hard-to-reach audiences, is turning many businesses into video-first publishers willing to spend more than $10 million annually for their brand’s Digital and Mobile video this year. Being a video-first publisher means that no matter what your priorities are, you’ve already taken your business in the right direction. Having a professionally crafted […]
October 14, 2016

HTML5 Video Player Solution

August 27, 2015

Introducing New Explainer Video

We are proud to present our new explainer video, which underlines all benefits of our platform, and all the good stuff that, as an enterprise-level free online video platform and player solution, has there for you. Initialize ads
August 13, 2014

Your HTML5 video player – As seen on BridTV

HTML5 video player with all of the “usual” features, couple of exclusive ones and no restrictions or obligations (no watermarks, fees, etc.) – Here’s what you get: Flash fallback Your HTML5 video player is ready even when HTML5 is not – with seamless switch to Flash, you will not lose any viewers ever again. Unified look