BridTV Video Player 3.0
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BridTV HTML5 video player 3.0


We are pushing the boundaries, again!

When it comes to online video, innovation is the key to success. We have hand-crafted products which we are immensely proud of like Adblock recovery solution ADIQ and White Label video SSP. However, the core product of BridTV has always been the HTML5 video player and platform supporting it.

Building the fastest HTML5 player has never been an easy task. Ensuring that the player stays quick, nimble, and responsive at all times and on all screens is even harder. During the last couple of months we’ve been hard at work and today we are proud to say that BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player is live!


Modern-Day HTML5 Video Player: The Overview
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Modern-Day HTML5 Video Player: The Overview
Nearly 60% of advertisers’ digital budgets are allocated to video this year (IAB’s Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study 2018). For many publishers video already plays a central role in their digital marketing strategy boosting audience engagement and conversion. Growing consumer demand for original video content, particularly among desirable, hard-to-reach audiences, is turning many businesses into video-first publishers willing to spend more than $10 million annually for their brand’s Digital and Mobile video this year.

Being a video-first publisher means that no matter what your priorities are, you’ve already taken your business in the right direction. Having a professionally crafted HTML5 video player is the next step.