Google Testing Video Ads in Search Results
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Video Ads

Google is testing promoted video ads in search results, claim the sources familiar with the company’s future plans. The search video ads have come up in discussions between Google and the ad industry as this format could bring some extra bucks in the marketing and advertising industry. Google is not the only search engine interested in promoted videos in it’s results. Yahoo is developing its own version and Bing sells “Rich Ads.” The company doesn’t want to discuss on any plans regarding this subject, but it was mentioned that Google has played with the format in the past. Experts believe that this could change the way brands approach search marketing if promoted videos were introduced more widely. It’s not clean yet if catching consumers while searching the Internet is the right context for this type of advertising. (more…)

Facebook Referral Traffic Passed Google in June and July
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Referral Traffic

Facebook passed Google as the leading source of referral traffic in June, and in July. This social network increased its lead up to three percent (38.2% to 35.2%) according to new data from This is the second time in less than a year that Facebook has taken over Google in’s rankings, last time was during 2014 fall. did the study based on its 400 clients, including Fox News, Telegraph Media Group, Mashable, Business Insider, Condé Nast, The Atlantic and Reuters, who most certainly are the  representatives of the overall publishing market. These results prove that  social media is pulling ahead of search in referral traffic. The main question is will Facebook’s advantage remain in the feature. As we mentioned before, during the short period last fall, Facebook passed Google in referrals, but then Google recovered again. Will it be any different this time? One thing’s for sure, Facebook has come up the ranks of referrers. And editors and marketers shouldn’t pass over that fact. (more…)

Video Search Engines To Think About
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Search Engines

With 52% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with best ROI the main question now is what are the best places to submit your video content to? These are the search engines you should take in consideration when you’re about to submit a video. For some you have heard. Others you will heard about. They all have the traffic for your videos.

Google – the undisputed number one search engine in the world. Though Google tends to serve YouTube results for video first, research results on Google and YouTube are not the same, so when you search a video the best thing is to use  both to find the what u are looking for.

Alphabet – The New Conglomerate to Absorb Google
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Google’s new owner will be Alphabet, a collection of companies that will be created by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Larry Page is expected to become CEO of the Alphabet and Sergey Brin the president of the new company. Google’s confounders stated this change will allow them more management scale, and provide them the ability to easily run things independently, that aren’t very related. Alphabet will take the place of Google in the trade market, but Google is expected to keep hold of the following business units: Search, Ads, Maps, Apps, YouTube, Android, and of the unspecified technical infrastructure. Alphabet will include Calico, Fiber, Google (Search, Maps, YouTube, Android, Ads, Apps), Google Ventures , Google Capital , Google X (auto-driving cars, Google Glass, internet by balloon, moonshots), Life Sciences (the glucose-sensing contact lens people) and Nest (smoke alarms, home cameras, thermostats & connected home devices). The change of the ownership will happen till the end of this year, no specific date has been mentioned. The first step of the process will begin when Google creates a holding company named Alphabet, that will later on absorb all of Google’s stock and the later on the company’s property. (more…)

Google Will Restrain Non-Google DSPs from Buying YouTube Inventory
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Google DSPs

Google announce that at the beginning of 2016 the company is going to pull all YouTube inventory from AdX ( its ad exchange). It will only be possible to buy YouTube inventory with the help of Google’s own buy-side tools, Adwords and Doubleclick Bid Manager, as non-Google DSPs will not have programmatic access to YouTube inventory. The company will no longer support the small amount of YouTube buying happening on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Experts claim the company is decided to make this move because they want to strengthen the hand of Google’s DSP in the DSP market. Maintaining full control over the sale of YouTube inventory also nowadays makes DBM and Adwords the sole sources of Google’s ‘TrueView’ formats, where the advertiser only pay for ads viewed for at least 30 seconds or until the end of the video. (more…)

Google Launched Google News Lab
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google news lab

Google recently has launched three new journalism endeavors – YouTube Newswire, the First Draft Coalition, and Witness Media Labs. Today, Google further extended its help toward journalists and news publications with the announcement of Google News Lab, offering journalists many tools that newsrooms can use in their reporting. Google News Lab will contain a short review and video tutorials on how newsrooms can use Google’s resources, including Maps, YouTube, Fusion Tables and Earth to Search. “Our mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media,” writes Google News Lab director Steve Grove on Google’s official blog.

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Google Changes – Rewards Mobile-Friendly Websites And Penalize Those That Are Not
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Google made changes of its mobile searches, that benefits mobile-friendly websites and penalize the ones that aren’t properly designed for smartphones. This change practically means the more mobile-friendly the site, the higher it will likely show in the search results on a mobile device. The change applies to individual pages, not the entire websites, and it refers to searches in all languages  in all countries where Google operates. “Now searchers can more easily find high quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling” states Google in a blog post. More often than before, people are using mobile devices, and according to Cisco by 2018, more than 64% of the world’s population will be mobile users.

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Google And Yahoo Will Encrypt Ad Network Connections
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ad network

Google and Yahoo announced they will encrypt ad network connections in order to diminish bot traffic. Google stated that by June 30th this year, most of mobile, video, and desktop display ads on its Google Display Network, AdMob, and DoubleClick networks will become encrypted.  Latest researchers found malvertising in Flash ads, which included the DoubleClick ad network. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is supporting this idea as it is persistent in pushing the adoption of HTTPS ads and supporting encryption. Although the industry trade group said many ad systems support HTTPS, a member survey showed that only 80% support the protocol.  Search on is currently encrypted for a vast majority of users. YouTube ads have been encrypted since the end of last year, along with Gmail and Drive. Advertisers using AdWords and DoubleClick by the end of June will serve HTTPS-encrypted display ads to all HTTPS-enabled inventory.

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YouTube Kids Ads Are Deceptive – Consumer Groups Claim
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youtube kids

According to consumer groups, YouTube Kids app violates safeguards for children by blending advertising and programming. Consumer group states YouTube Kids exploits children’s vulnerabilities by delivering them ads that are masqueraded as programming, and due to this they are asking U.S. regulators to investigate the company. They are planning to file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Google states this company consulted with child-advocacy and privacy groups in developing YouTube Kids, and that the app’s advertising policy prohibits content that is illegal or unsafe for children. Google rolled out YouTube Kids this year offering original episodes of TV shows aimed at youngsters, such as Sesame Street, TuTiTu TV, Reading Rainbow, Thomas The Tank Engine, Yo Gabba Gabba, Talking Tom, National Geographic Kids, Jim Henson TV, Pocoyo and Dreamworks TV. (more…)

New Google Rules Drastically Affect Mobile-friendly Search Results
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Search Engines

Google will change the SEO rules again. With these new rules, websites that are not friendly to mobile devices will be penalized in search results. This will have an effect on every webmaster. Here are 4 additional twists for marketing communications professionals.

  1. Corporate newsrooms must now be supported with HTML5 in order to remain compliant.
  2. Your on-site player need to be HTML5-based, that means eliminating Flash from your website.
  3. Forms and landing pages of many sites that are hosted by marketing automation software provider may not be compliant with Google’s new rules, even if your regular corporate website is. You would have to update them in addition to the main website.
  4. As most podcast players for websites are older, Flash-based players, you have to  upgrade them to players based on HTML5.