Google Launches Mobile Friendly Testing Tool
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mobile friendly

Google has finally launched a new mobile friendly testing tool. The company has increased the mobile friendly ranking factor, as the consumption of digital content on mobile devices is only increasing. They have announced changes in a mobile friendly ranking factor for the upcoming period and have kept its promise. Changes will not harm already mobile friendly sites but others should use this tool to see if their pages are prepared. (more…)

Google Will Boost The Mobile-Friendly Ranking Factor in May
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Google announced they will be increasing the mobile friendly ranking factor in the upcoming period. This increase is expected to happen at the beginning of May. This will not do any harm to already mobile friendly sites, as they can use the mobile friendly testing tool to see if their pages are prepared for these changes. It’s important to underline that, if you have a high-quality content, it will rank high even when it is not mobile friendly. Google suggests using the Mobile-Friendly Test and the Webmaster Mobile Guide as support with your mobile-friendly site and a way to improve your mobile site.


Google Revenue Surpasses The Predictions With $75B In 2015
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Due to the latest Alphabet’s (Google’s Parent Company) study released for Q4 and full year earnings, revenue growth was driven by mobile search acceleration, YouTube and programmatic advertising. The study shows that the total year revenues were around $75 billion. Fourth quarter revenue was $21.3 billion, which represent a jump compared to the predicted $20.8 billion. Earnings per share accounted for $8.67, which represents a jump as well in comparison with the expected $8.09. US revenue was up 24% compared to the previous year, accounting for $10.3 billion. According to the study, mobile search was the biggest revenue growth driver in Q4.


Google Introduces New Advertising Support For AMP Pages
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Google stated they plan to roll out fast-loading AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages into its mobile search results early next year. This project  is intended to make pages appear super-fast for those who use mobile devices. The company announced there are partners set to help publishers earn off those pages. Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense are working within the framework to improve the advertising experience for users, publishers and advertisers on the mobile web. The reason these additions are important is because it will enable publishers to have better flexibility to monetize their mobile pages, and to avoid some limitations, like in systems, for example, Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News. (more…)

Google Acquired Fly Labs and With it Added New Photos and Video Editing Options
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Fly Labs

Google has purchased Fly Labs, and that way added the startup’s mobile video and photo editing technology to the list of it’s options. Fly Labs is a creator of various apps that enable users editing of photos and video on-the-go through their mobile device. The Fly Labs team and the whole technology that goes with it  will be included into the web giant’s Google Photos group. Fly’s apps will still be available for download on the app store for the next three months though the but in-app purchases are not on “the menu”. Google is known for its long history of snapping up promising startup teams. (more…)

WordPress Created A Plugin To Support Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages
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WordPress announced a new plugin that will support AMP versions of posts. Though  the feature was available for articles on some of the most popular media properties, WordPress decided to offer the same possibility for the AMP standard. The plugin will be accessible to all WordPress publishers so they can create AMP versions of posts with a single click. “We’re very happy to support an open source initiative like AMP, which brings publishers and technology companies together to make a better mobile experience for everyone,” the company stated. WordPress is asking for help “kicking the tires” and “squashing bugs” on their Github page. (more…)

Google Display Network Will Charge Only For Viewed Ads
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Google announced the company will charge for viewed display ads only. Brad Bender, vice president of product management of the Google Display Network, stated Google is going to migrate all of the CPMsin the system to viewable CPMs. This change is expected to benefit the advertiser, especially after Google stats show 56% of online display ads never have a chance to be viewed. This will help advertisers to track viewable metrics, and plan their following steps more wisely in their advertising strategy. There are various reasons listed as the cause of invisibility: because they are positioned low on a page, because  they have scrolled out of view, or when they are placed in a tab that isn’t active.

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Apps Using Google’s New App Indexing API Will Receive A Ranking Boost
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During SMX East, Mariya Moeva, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, stated those apps that use the new App Indexing API will get additional boost ranking. Here are some new beta features that App Indexing developers can use:

  • They can segment out Search Analytics data based on clicks on the search result links.
  • The ability to fetch as Google by uploading an unpublished APK version directly through the fetch as Google feature.
  • Google results will show the complete API response that contains a title, description and API URL.

Google announced in February apps that leveraged App Indexing would get a boost in ranking in mobile search. (more…)

Apple and Google made a challenge for online video advertisers
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Apple announced its next iOS version (iOS 9), that will include ad-blocking capability, and keep video and display ads from being seen on its mobile devices. The technology will not be powered by Apple. It has to be enabled by developers writing programs that work with the iOS 9 platform. Google stated that its Chrome browser will disable Flash-based video ads when auto-playing. Users will have to click on an ad to play it. Google’s move is aimed to make an impact on advertisers to shift their video formats from Flash to HTML5, a standard believed to be more more stable and secure than Flash. (more…)