Making a Video? How Well Do You Know Your Audience!?


Humans are hardwired for visual content. It affects people on two levels – cognitive and emotional level. It increases comprehension of information you receive, and by affecting our emotions and attitudes. What’s more, YouTube has over a billion users, which denotes almost one-third of all people on the Internet. Also, over 800 YouTube creators have more than one million subscribers. Such statistics are staggering.

There are lots of examples of outstanding content. Alas, there are considerably more examples of poor content. So, the real question is: how do to push your own content into the ‘great’ category, rather than the tedious branded content? Well, all you need to do is follow a straightforward process and answer some questions so that you get the best out of your video content. (more…)

Google Analytics Swaps SEO Report With Search Console Report

google analytics

Google Analytics is now more tied to the Google Search Console data than before. Some changes will be made in this area. The most important changes refer to the  “Search Engine Optimization” report under the Acquisitions tab, which is expected to be substituted with a “Search Console” report. Users will be provided with the data of  both Google Analytics and Google Search Console metrics in parallel .Till now they were able to see only the acquisition data (impressions, clicks, CTR and average position), but now with those new changes they can see behavior metrics and conversion metrics (sessions, bounce rates, page/session,  conversion metrics) (more…)

With Google Analytics’ User Explorer Website Owners Will See Individual Website Interactions

User Explorer

Google Analytics announced a new feature called User Explorer that will provide to website owners a chance to track specific visitor interactions on their website. Google’s latest release states that new set of reporting in Google Analytics will provide users to anonymously analyze individual interactions across their website. This new feature will help marketers to obtain valuable insights that could optimize their website. It’s available in the Audience sections. (more…)

Learn From Your Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Creating an effective video marketing campaign is not only about creating views, it’s about creating effective video content that will be consumed by your potential target group.  If you’re using the right video analytics, you can get insights on your prospects, and that way optimize your content and  increase engagement and conversion. Here are some advantages of using video analytics that could benefit your business: (more…)

How Many Websites Are Using Google Analytics?


Yesterday, Google was celebrating the 10th birthday of Google Analytics, created in early 2005. After a decade from it’s “birthday”, Google Analytics become the leader in website analytics installations. You must be wondering how many websites are using Google Analytics today? Back In 2012, then-Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said more than 10 million websites were using Google Analytics. Google hasn’t provided the latest updated count. Nowadays there are few other sources that provide estimates. According to BuiltWith, 29.3 million websites are using Google Analytics, which is 8.4 %of the 348 million websites tracked in its database.  W3Techs stats show 52.9 %  of all websites on the internet are using Google Analytics. That is 10X more Yandex Metrics, the second next most popular analytics option. Due to these figures, we can safely say Google Analytics is still the most popular web analytics software in use today.    (more…)