Facebook Branded Content Got 3X Higher Engagement Compared to Twitter In 2015
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branded content

According to TrackMaven’s “The Content Marketing Paradox” report, brands experienced 3X more engagement from content shared on Facebook than on Twitter. The report analyzed 75 billion social interactions and around 50 million pieces of branded marketing content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Twitter saw the greatest growth in content output on a monthly basis.
Read more: http://marketingland.com/facebook-delivered-triple-the-engagement-over-twitter-for-branded-content-in-2015-report-163995 (more…)

Facebook Barely Surpasses YouTube In Super Bowl Ad Video Views
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Super Bowl

iSpot.tv stats show Super Bowl ads and teaser videos are being watched slightly more on Facebook than on YouTube this year. According to views counted on Tuesday, there have been spotted 75 million Super Bowl ad video views on Facebook, compared to 74.9 million on YouTube. It’s not the first time Facebook and YouTube are struggling over video view results. The struggle occurred over last year’s Super Bowl video view results as well. According to Visible Measures shared data, Facebook stated that it had earned 25% of all Super Bowl commercial views online but only two days later, YouTube stated to be still on the top when it comes to Super Bowl commercial viewing online, and that time spent watching Super Bowl ads on YouTube had surpassed all of the previous year’s results. The explanation of these results lies in the different ways how video views are being counted. Facebook counts a view after a user watches at least 3 seconds of video, and YouTube counts the views after “around” 30 seconds. (more…)

Parents Post 4.2X More Videos Than Non-Parents
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According to the latest Facebook stats, new parents post 2.5 more updates on Facebook and 4.2 times more videos than non-parents. The study was based on data collected from the from 8,300 parents of 25–65-year-old and 5 parenting experts. The research also revealed that parents globally spend 1.3X more time on Facebook mobile than non-parents. The social networking service has analyzed Facebook data across 8 markets (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain UK and US). (more…)

Videos on YouTube Are About 10X Longer Than The Ones On Facebook
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Videos On YouTube

According to the Real SEO’s data from the past 30 days, videos on YouTube are about 10X longer than on Facebook. Facebook tends to host short type content into the feed, in opposite to  YouTube, which prefers serving you longer and higher quality content. Stas show the average duration of a Facebook video is 81.22 seconds, and for YouTube is 870.89 seconds. Video posted natively to Facebook usually generates more engagement, while YouTube has a lower views to engagement. The average of viewer engagement for Facebook is 31.12 and for Youtube is 22.42. Videos posted natively to Facebook generate more engagement, but it takes fewer views for YouTube videos to generate the same engagement rate. The most engaged videos on YouTube are longer than the most engaged videos uploaded to Facebook.


94% Of B2C Marketers Use Facebook For Distributing Content, But Only 66% Find It Effective
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The CMI’s latest B2C Content Marketing Report shows the majority of the surveyed B2C marketers are distributing their content on Facebook though only 66% finds the platform effective. Due to this report marketers are mostly using seven social media platforms to promote their content. Facebook is definitely the most popular among marketers, as 94% B2C content marketers listed Facebook as the social media platform they used the most to distribute content. Stats show 83% of marketers use Twitter for distributing their content while only 50% said it was effective. The Report shows 77% of marketers use YouTube while 76% take advantage of LinkedIn to promote their content. During this year for the first time in the report’s history, promoted posts, social ads and search engine marketing were more frequently used than offline promotions for paid distribution methods. (more…)

Facebook Ad Revenues Expected To Grow 42% This Year
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Ad Revenues

According to eMarketer’s report, Facebook’s ad revenues are expected to reach $16.29 billion this year, which represents an increase of 41.8% compared to the previous year. Facebook’s total market share among social networks is 64.8%, which is a 0.4% growth compared to 2014 state (64.4%). eMarketer stats predict for Instagram to generate $600 million in total ad revenue worldwide and account for 5% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenues this year. Stats show next year Instagram’s growth is expected to increase by 149% globally, accounting for $1.48 billion. Twitter ad revenues are expected to increase by 61.8% in 2015, which represent 8.1% of Twitter’s total market share among other social networks.   (more…)

Facebook Launches 360-Degree Video Feature To The News Feed
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Facebook has started displaying 360-degree video, and will share this feature with several media partners. The feature will be available for anyone with a camera system that shoots in 360-degree mode. Primarily videos will be visible on desktop and Facebook’s Android app only. While Desktop users can click and pan within videos, and  Android users can tap into videos and enjoy the video experience by moving their mobile devices around, IOS consumers will not yet have that privilege. Facebook states support for Apple devices will be set in the following months. This social company isn’t the first to implement this feature on the menu. YouTube started displaying 360-degree video last March. (more…)

Facebook New Pages Features and Updates Recommendable For Small Business
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Facebook launched a few mobile-friendly updates to it’s Pages and added some new features. The following changes include new prominent call-to-action buttons, improved layout and navigation for mobile devices and new customizable sections suitable for various types of businesses. These improvements will be convenient for enterprises, as well as small businesses. According to comScore stats, 75% of mobile time is spent in four mobile apps, and one of it is Facebook. Therefore, the social networking giant concluded the most logical thing for brands to do is to: “be where your customers are already spending their time.” (more…)

Even More Reasons to Power Your Online Video With Brid.tv
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Online Video

Let’s review all improvements our platform has made through the past year. The entire Brid.Tv online video platform still requires no contracts, no obligations and it’s still entirely free for the webmaster to start using from day one, which represents a whole new webmaster-friendly approach in the field of enterprise-level online video platforms. It’s an enterprise-level service for no costs whatsoever, tailored towards the big boys as much as the smaller sites.

The player we offer with this service is now cutting-edge HTML5 tech, highly modular and modifiable in the sense that we can tailor its design to fit the webmaster’s website perfectly. It has extremely fast loading times and that it’s fully hosted on Amazon Cloud. Brid.tv provides to all the webmasters out there a robust and feature-rich turn-key solution to post their videos online and monetize them the way they want to. (more…)

Facebook Content ID For Video Coming Soon
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The expansion of Facebook video has significantly increased, but not with some issues. The main issue is that some Facebook users have uploaded video content that they have taken from somewhere else, without the proper rights. These unlicensed video uploads have got brand’s, creators, and other users confused as they don’t that they are doing something wrong while uploading videos from other sites on the Internet. Lately, Facebook announced they will fix this problem by exploring new rights management features so that video creators can control their own content on the site. Nowadays, videos uploaded to Facebook are subject to ‘audio fingerprinting’ via Audible Magic software, helping users to reveal duplicates and unauthorized videos on the platform. This social network is reinforcing existing features and creating stronger video matching tools. Facebook wants to enable this support to its video creators with which it expects to address freebooting issues and fix this problem on a long term basis. (more…)