10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing [Infographic]

10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing Infographic

Facebook is, by far, the largest social network in existence today. With 1.79 billion active users, and counting, the social media titan now has more users than the entire population of China (1.40 billion).

With such a huge user base, it’s easy to see why it’s a crucial part of any successful marketer’s strategy. But in this day and age, its standing as the number one social media platform also begs the question: How do you stand out from the rest of content vying for users’ limited time and attention?


Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube, Facebook And A Third Party Video Platform? (Infographic)

We’ve spoken at length about how important video is to forming your ultimate digital strategy. It is also a vital component to almost every aspect of modern-day business, whether you’re looking to make a mark in a very competitive B2B environment, or simply seeking to make an impact with your personal content.


Facebook Jumps on TV Streaming Bandwagon

Recently Facebook officially confirmed the incorporation of a new feature that gives users the ability to stream video to TVs through Apple TV and Chromecast units. As we reported earlier, this denotes testing the ability for people to stream videos — including live ones — making them available from the desktop version of Facebook as well as the iOS app, with Android coming soon.


Facebook’s Updating Immersive Canvas Ads With New Features

During 2016 Facebook introduced its Canvas ad format to businesses. Basically, Canvas ads are mini-websites hosted on Facebook, that are designed to load quickly on mobile devices, which, of course, makes appealing to anyone who wants improve mobile responsiveness for their business. Now, a few months back we have learned that Facebook invested over $50 million to increase video content.