Facebook Content ID For Video Coming Soon
by | Sep 1, 2015 | Video Industry News | No Comments

The expansion of Facebook video has significantly increased, but not with some issues. The main issue is that some Facebook users have uploaded video content that they have taken from somewhere else, without the proper rights. These unlicensed video uploads have got brand’s, creators, and other users confused as they don’t that they are doing something wrong while uploading videos from other sites on the Internet. Lately, Facebook announced they will fix this problem by exploring new rights management features so that video creators can control their own content on the site. Nowadays, videos uploaded to Facebook are subject to ‘audio fingerprinting’ via Audible Magic software, helping users to reveal duplicates and unauthorized videos on the platform. This social network is reinforcing existing features and creating stronger video matching tools. Facebook wants to enable this support to its video creators with which it expects to address freebooting issues and fix this problem on a long term basis. (more…)

How To Use Facebook Video To Drive Business Results
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Video content shared on Facebook may serve you as a great call-to-action button when it comes to engaging, informing and attracting your audience. And now more than ever, as the latest stats show, Facebook video views continue to rise, and many industry experts predict it will outgrow YouTube. Although YouTube is still the clear leader in video sharing, delivering 3 trillion video views during 2015, Facebook is catching up, with a 2 trillion views this year.

It looks like Facebook is doing their best to make it a #1 video share platform. And they have the traffic to support it. We need not talk about the obvious potential for your business. Instead let’s talk about what you can do to best leverage Facebook’s video potential. (more…)