How To Reach Your Target Group On Facebook
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Target Group

Facebook has proven to be very effective when it comes to targeting people for generating leads and subsequent sales. No matter what kind of business you run, big or small, you can easily access your target group through it. Stats show that 45% of digital buyers worldwide claim that reading reviews, comments and feedback on social media influenced their digital shopping behavior. In today’s market, you need to use every social media opportunity you get to approach to your target group. So, what can you do on your own to approach your niche that will eventually provide your social media marketing and business success? (more…)

The Power Of Online Video Content Is Getting Bigger
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video content

Nick Dennis, master principal consultant from Oracle Marketing Cloud, has shared his views about the influence video content has in one’s marketing strategy and about various ways it can be used. Video marketing can be used to educate prospects, maximising lead scoring, nurturing sales streams and boosting overall conversion rates, according to Marketing Magazine. Interactive videos are proving to be particularly positive in business markets, “in the form of embedded forms, questionnaires, surveys and other types of interactive elements that can engage customers”. Other video content form that are useful are “videos which include customer testimonials, on-demand product demonstrations and webinars and tutorials”. They can be found as very powerful persuaders. Check out more from Nick Dennis at the link below. (more…)

What Kind Of Content Works And What Doesn’t Work With Millennials
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Millennials are becoming the center of attention of the advertisers and marketers around the globe. You must be wondering why are millennials so significant target group? When we get to know what young people do today, we can figure out what older people will do in the future. Practically we could predict their consumption habits, and in which direction we should build our future marketing strategies. (more…)