Now Has The Storyboard Thumbnail Feature
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You know that feeling of being anxious to find one particular spot in the video that you want to watch right away. The problem is that your video is too long and you’re repeatedly pressing the wrong part on a timeline bar over and over again. That can be frustrating and tedious to say the least.

That’s why a Storyboard Thumbnail Feature on a progress bar on any video player is a great way to find precisely what you need in a matter of seconds.

It lets you see an overview of the video content without interfering with video playback.

They way it works exactly is that it shows you thumbnail images of every 10 seconds of video length when you are hovering your mouse over the progress bar (timeline) without skipping to it until you press the button. It helps you navigate through the video content and easily find the exact moment in the video you’re trying to watch. (more…)

Spotted The Increase Of Video Ad Viewability Up To 39% Compared To Q4 Of 2014
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The latest Integral’s report shows that in Q1 of 2015 41.8% of online video ads were viewable, which is a 39% increase compared to the previous quarter. This report shows the most common size for online video ads was 300 x 250 pixels, that means that more video ads are served in banners than any other method. According to Integral, campaigns run 75 percent or more of their impressions in in-banner units. This report data is based on hundreds of billions of ad impressions, and similar reports are processed each quarter.

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People Are Consuming Less TV And Watching More Video on Mobile
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According to eMarketer’s report,  people are watching less TV, but they are still watching their videos in other places, mostly on their mobile devices. Latest results show total daily media time per U.S. consumer is 12 hours and four minutes a day, which is seven minutes longer compared to 2014 results. As for the state of video advertising spending, TV accounts for  90% of the ad money, but only 77% of total time consumers spent with video. eMarketer’s data shows that mobile accounts for around 12% of total video watching time. This research shows that a consumer spent  two hours and 51 minutes a day this year on mobile devices. People are using their mobiles half an hour more than what they spend on desktop computers. Nearly 50% of the U.S. consumers now use a tablet, and more than a third of U.S. consumers are using both smartphones and tablets. (more…)

Watching TV Programs and Movies on a TV screen Has Declined Among All Age Groups
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According to the latest research report from Accenture, viewership for long form video content (movies and television) on a TV screen has declined by 13 percent in 2014. During the last year, 33% of 14 to 17-year-olds watched less TV compared to results from 2013. This decline continues for 18 to 34-year-olds, 14 percent for movies and television shows, and 35 to 54-year-olds, 11 and nine percent. TV shows and movies are now being viewed on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes thanks to improved streaming and longer battery life. The report found that 37% of consumers own a combination of smartphones, laptops/desktops, and tablets. As for those who plan to buy a TV, 61% plan to buy a connected TV, and 25% are expecting to buy a 4K TV, which is an  increase of seven percent over last year. People are now watching videos across multiple devices, 87% of consumers are  using more than one device at a time. (more…)

Top Tiny Videos Which Generated Huge Engagement on YouTube
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Teeny-tiny videos are becoming a viral sensation during the past months, especially on social media.  Although  food-related content has always achieved a good engagement rate on YouTube, these videos really stand out, making  you wanna watch them repeatedly. Tiny cooking videos or The ‘Kawaii’ (Japanese for ‘cute’) food trend started in Japan five years ago. Compared to 2010,  views of ‘tiny cooking’ video content has risen from 8,142  to 5M on YouTube in 2014 – reaching the increase of over 62,000%.

Experts believe this type of  tiny cooking challenge videos attract view because they make them feel warm, fuzzy, connecting with them on an emotional level. (more…)

Twitter launched Its “Retweet With Comment” Feature
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Twitter officially launched its “retweet with comment” feature, that allows users to embed a tweet in their own tweets, and lets them use Twitter’s 140-character limit when they write their own commentary. The feature is now available on Twitter’s site and iPhone app and it’s expected to be available on it’s Android app soon. Twitter previously let users embed quoted tweets by cutting-and-pasting its URL, but “retweet and comment” feature lets you do that by just pressing a button. The feature’s arrival allows people to share and comment on tweets without having to shorten the original tweet, which means that its context is conserved.

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Global Mobile Ad Market Poised to Hit $101 Billion in 2016
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Global Mobile Ad

The mobile ad market worldwide will hit $101 billion in 2016, eMarketer predicts, accounting for more than 50% of total digital ad expenditure for the first time. That represents a 430% increase compared to the state from 2013. Stats predict that between 2016 and 2019, mobile ad spending will nearly double, accounting for $195.55 billion, which will be 70.1% of total digital ad spend and one-quarter of total media ad spending worldwide. According to eMarketer, growth in mobile ad spending is caused by consumer increased usage of mobile devices. The expected number of smartphone users worldwide will rise up to 2 billion in 2016. As many consumers are accessing the internet mobile-first, and even mobile-only, states show leading advertisers are allocating their digital expenditure to mobile.

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Ad Spending On The Internet Grew 18.5% During 2014
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ad ravenue

Total ad spending on the Internet grew 18.5% in 2014, and according to Zenith, online spending is  expected to rise 14% through 2017. This agency forecasts that total U.S. ad market spending will rise 3.7% in 2015 although TV ad spending is expected to decline to 0.2% in 2015. Spending on television will grow globally, but due to the predictions of this agency, its share is likely to slip over the next few years. These predictions are based on the stats that show  that TV captured a 39.7% share of spending in 2013, but that figure slipped to 39.4% in 2014. The states show this trend will continue, and the share will go down to 37.3% in 2017.  Zenith states that marketers are beginning to invest more in online video, and less in television. Online video’s share grew to 2.1% in 2014 and will jump to 3.9% in 2017. Global spending on online video jumped 34% to $10.9 billion in 2014,  and Zenith predicts an average growth rate will go up  29% a year through 2017, when spending will reach $23.3 billion.

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Gillian Anderson Announced Her New Movie “Robot Overlords” Via Brid Player
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Gillian Anderson, the well-known American actress, most famous for her detective role in the X-Files series, announced her upcoming blockbuster movie “Robot Overlords” on her official webpage and shared her excitement over it with the tweet. This movie, which will invade cinemas on March 27th, is the British sci-fi action story about alien robots from another planet (no wonder Gillian is here) and one boy Sean (Callan McAuliffe) who is trying, of course,  to save the world. In the movie directed by Jon Wright and produced by Piers Tempest besides Gillian, the leading role is played by an also famous actor, sir Ben Kingsley. We’re very excited to see this movie and we have watched the trailer over and over again already.

What makes us most proud here at Brid.Tv, though, is that Gillian uses Brid Player to promote the trailer for her movie. Brid Player is perfectly suited for HD trailers, especially after our 2.0 boost of performance and, we want to believe (no pun intended), that this is not an accident.

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Skin Your Player For Christmas Holidays Contest
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Skin Your Player For Christmas

Readied your website and player for Christmas traffic madness as we’ve suggested it here!? Not yet!? Well, you’re in luck, since we’re already in Christmas mood and we love to give goodies for free (our whole video platform is free throughout the year, mind you).

We’d like to give you a FREE Christmas skin for your player to match the festive mood and excitement building up in the air. You can choose one of our Christmas skins (or you can opt for over 33 pro-designed skins that we already offer to everyone) or ask for a tailor-made player we’re sure your visitors are gonna notice.

Now, before you get too excited, like Santa himself, we have a few rules before we gratitude good behavior, in this case free skin gifts from us. (more…)