BridTV Coull Integration: New Value for to Your Ad Campaigns
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coull integration

For the past two years web publishers have been coming to us for support when it comes to online video monetization. As the industry grows and evolves, we have pushed our platform beyond what our clients expect. As a result, the extent and quality of our services has reached a point where publishers can rely on an amazing variety of features that are a tremendous benefit both to their business, as well as their own clients.


Boosting Ad Performance and Ad Revenue With Support for VAST 4.0 Tags
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Boosting Ad Performance and Ad Revenue With Support for VAST 4.0 Tags

When it comes to video advertising, publishers are continually faced with more and more challenges, which makes sense because the higher CPMs, the greater the challenges get. When examining video ad performance the biggest challenge is load times.

That’s why having a precise insight into ad performance is a vital ingredient when it comes to a publisher’s earning potential. Installing support of VAST 4.0 meets these challenges head on.


BridTV Video Player 3.0
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BridTV HTML5 video player 3.0


We are pushing the boundaries, again!

When it comes to online video, innovation is the key to success. We have hand-crafted products which we are immensely proud of like Adblock recovery solution ADIQ and White Label video SSP. However, the core product of BridTV has always been the HTML5 video player and platform supporting it.

Building the fastest HTML5 player has never been an easy task. Ensuring that the player stays quick, nimble, and responsive at all times and on all screens is even harder. During the last couple of months we’ve been hard at work and today we are proud to say that BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player is live!


How to Step Up Your Game With the Right Video Player
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How to Step Up Your Game With the Right Video Player

In 2018, the digital marketing scene, as well as online marketing is dominated by video more than ever before. Recently, Cisco uncovered that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will originate from videos. Yes, 82%. If 2021 seems far off, consider that video already accounted for 73% of all consumer internet traffic in 2016. Another rapidly growing section of the market is live video, which is said to be the fastest growing segment of Web and that’s largely due to video thanks to the arrival of services like Facebook Live, Twitter’s broadcast of live sports and live bundles from companies like AT&T, YouTube and Hulu.

Streaming is gulping down a huge chunk of the market as well, which is why on-demand video content from Netflix and Amazon are already making a huge mark (plus, Disney has announced their own streaming service as well).

In order to truly step up your game and stay in touch with a market that’s evolving at an insane rate, there are several important factors to consider.


BridTV Platform Update: New Video Encoding, Live Streaming, Ad Reporting
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Online video industry has changed drastically over the past couple years and will continue to change. There’s no doubt that today, as a business, you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. However, the best practice for any business still is having a website as a starting hub. The essential part of your website is your video content and video player/platform that can handle all your video needs fast and reliable. The latest update, with new features and fixes to BridTV platform, is one more step in that direction giving you a head start over your competition.