VAST and VPAID support: All Video Ad Formats For Your Videos Via BridTv
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VAST and VPAID support: All Video Ad Formats For Your Videos Via BridTv

For most online publishers choosing the right video player is of the utmost importance. The right player covers your video ad needs and effectively manages your videos and ad network. Seeing as video is one of the best advertising mediums right now, understanding the basics will help you leverage the capabilities and the limitations of video advertising.


Brid’s Playlist Widget
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Another day, another new feature release for Brid! We want to introduce you to our new Brid.Tv update – Brid’s playlist widget. This is a new type of widget which takes in a user created playlist and displays them in a different manner.

The widget is made to be responsive so it is mobile friendly and also has a different, more touch friendly user interface when rendered on mobile. (more…)

Don’t Worry You Are Already Using An HTML5 Player With Brid.Tv
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Chrome Pauses Flash

On October 1st, Chrome paused Flash-based advertising or peripheral content. That practically means all video consumers now have to manually click on video players smaller than 400×300 pixels to enable playback. Google Chrome is a very popular web browser, stats show around 50% of internet consumers are using this browser. Regardless of its popularity, users have not been fully satisfied with its effect on their notebook’s power consumption, and they blame mainly Flash content for that. This is why Google has come up with a solution for Chrome to automatically pause ‘nonessential’ Flash content. (more…)

All Video Ad Formats For Your Videos via BridTv
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Brid provides to our publishers various ad formats and supports different ways to deliver video ads:

VAST & VPAID support

Go big or go small, as you can simply enter any IAB standardized ad tag and your ads will start appearing. Our player is powered by Google for both desktop and mobile web to deliver ads across all major devices, with full support for VAST and VPAID standards. With VAST & VPAID support implemented in your platform and player, you will be able to run a variety of video ads (including third-party video ads).vpaid


How To Brand Your Brid Player
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There are lots of things you need to take in consideration when publishing your video content. One of these is that you only get one chance to make a memorable and unforgettable first impression and successfully brand your product. Products interact with its consumer audience through design, logo, and messaging. If done well, product branding can provide a long term connection throughout the life of the product.  Many companies nowadays have their creative teams working together in branding it’s video product.  (more…)

Set Up Auto Play Option via
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auto play

Video content can be an important aspect of your web page, as videos can help explain your product and brand message. When you place a video upon your website, one of the options for promoting your video content you might consider is to put the video on auto-play. Using, you can embed your videos on your website’s page, and once you sign up to our platform, you get an option to activate autoplay as a great way of promoting your video content.

How to set up autoplay via

You can set up a player to autoplay by doing the following: (more…)

Set up Google Analytics via
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Google analytics

Our video player, powered by Google Analytics, provides our users data, that is always up-to-date, accurate and in-depth in analyzing user traffic. The good news? It’s available both to our Standard and Premium Publishers. Our analytics shows stats for both aggregate views and per individual video. It delivers views and uniques for your videos, top videos, detailed engagement metrics, geography down to city level for each video, social stats (shares and views on sites like Facebook and Twitter), as well as insights into what operating system your viewers are using.

Once you sign up to our platform, Brid will automatically crawl your site and grab your Google Analytics code. Here are the needed steps you need to follow to activate Google Analytics reporting in Brid: (more…)

Skin Your Player For Christmas Holidays Contest
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Skin Your Player For Christmas

Readied your website and player for Christmas traffic madness as we’ve suggested it here!? Not yet!? Well, you’re in luck, since we’re already in Christmas mood and we love to give goodies for free (our whole video platform is free throughout the year, mind you).

We’d like to give you a FREE Christmas skin for your player to match the festive mood and excitement building up in the air. You can choose one of our Christmas skins (or you can opt for over 33 pro-designed skins that we already offer to everyone) or ask for a tailor-made player we’re sure your visitors are gonna notice.

Now, before you get too excited, like Santa himself, we have a few rules before we gratitude good behavior, in this case free skin gifts from us. (more…)