Now Has The Storyboard Thumbnail Feature
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You know that feeling of being anxious to find one particular spot in the video that you want to watch right away. The problem is that your video is too long and you’re repeatedly pressing the wrong part on a timeline bar over and over again. That can be frustrating and tedious to say the least.

That’s why a Storyboard Thumbnail Feature on a progress bar on any video player is a great way to find precisely what you need in a matter of seconds.

It lets you see an overview of the video content without interfering with video playback.

They way it works exactly is that it shows you thumbnail images of every 10 seconds of video length when you are hovering your mouse over the progress bar (timeline) without skipping to it until you press the button. It helps you navigate through the video content and easily find the exact moment in the video you’re trying to watch. (more…)

3 Good Reasons Why YouTube Shouldn’t Be Your Only Video Publishing Choice
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No one can deny that YouTube is the 800lb gorilla of the online video industry. Owning almost one fifth of the video advertising market, it is an influential video platform, to say the least. But being successful by and in itself doesn’t mean that everybody will get an equal piece of the pie. When choosing a video hosting and publishing platform, one should consider strategic business goals, budget disposal, and carefully evaluate all the available options.

One of the best ways to promote your business in today’s market would certainly be through rich video content. A strong video inventory is becoming an essential marketing tool, as video encourages brand engagement and shareability. (more…)

Will 4K Change The World Of Video?
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4K Brid

4K is currently the hottest tech in the world of video, no question about it. Many TV manufacturers and online video publishers are already producing 4K TVs or are starting to push video streaming in 4K. But what is all this fuss about 4K anyway, what are the actual benefits and can we live another couple of years without it?

4K (sometimes also called Ultra High Definition or UHD) has roughly 4X better resolution than the current HD format. Interestingly, 4K (i.e.  4000) applies to the horizontal resolution frame (or number of pixels) instead of vertical resolution which is used to describe previous versions of video formats like 480p, HD 720p or full HD 1080p. While 4K or full 4K, still has a 2160 vertical pixel count, it simultaneously has a 4096 (4K)
horizontal pixel count (more…)

Gillian Anderson Announced Her New Movie “Robot Overlords” Via Brid Player
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Gillian Anderson, the well-known American actress, most famous for her detective role in the X-Files series, announced her upcoming blockbuster movie “Robot Overlords” on her official webpage and shared her excitement over it with the tweet. This movie, which will invade cinemas on March 27th, is the British sci-fi action story about alien robots from another planet (no wonder Gillian is here) and one boy Sean (Callan McAuliffe) who is trying, of course,  to save the world. In the movie directed by Jon Wright and produced by Piers Tempest besides Gillian, the leading role is played by an also famous actor, sir Ben Kingsley. We’re very excited to see this movie and we have watched the trailer over and over again already.

What makes us most proud here at Brid.Tv, though, is that Gillian uses Brid Player to promote the trailer for her movie. Brid Player is perfectly suited for HD trailers, especially after our 2.0 boost of performance and, we want to believe (no pun intended), that this is not an accident.

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Prepare Your Player For The Holiday Season!
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Player For The Holiday Season

Whatever your business or target audience may be, get your website and your player ready for Christmas! Last Christmas sites reported, on average, a 27% rise in traffic in pre-Christmas days. Saturday, December 22nd 2013, marks a clear change in browsing behavior giving a lower traffic than the prior days. And traffic on Christmas Eve is about 40% of a normal weekday (1). This means that websites (give or take a day or two depending on the industry) had 10 days between the 12th and the 22nd to exploit their rise in traffic. No reason not to expect a similar scenario this year.

Brid Flash player optimizations
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Flash Player

Happy Monday everyone. Here’s a little update.

We’ve recently released a new update to our Flash player

A lot of our publishers seem to be using VPAID VAST tags which currently are still going strong in flash. For these ads to display properly, our flash player solution needs to be used.

A lot of our publishers seem to be using VPAID VAST tags which currently are still going strong in flash. For these ads to display properly, our flash player solution needs to be used.

Due to an increase in popularity of the flash players usage, we decided to implement some minor optimizations to it so you can expect a significant performance boost in video playback with our flash player offering.

Hopefully you’ll find this player update to be beneficial for your viewers.

Have any questions or concerns with the new version? Send us a comment below!

Brid TV – version 1.3
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Dear Publishers,

New Brid TV release, new changes – check these out:

Veeps plugin is redesigned! And even more optimized! And available in 2 modes-use it with or without a webcam

—Added Streaming support allows you to provide rich long-form content from any source

—Video no longer exists notification is added and displayed when necessary