3 Good Reasons Why YouTube Shouldn’t Be Your Only Video Publishing Choice
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No one can deny that YouTube is the 800lb gorilla of the online video industry. Owning almost one fifth of the video advertising market, it is an influential video platform, to say the least. But being successful by and in itself doesn’t mean that everybody will get an equal piece of the pie. When choosing a video hosting and publishing platform, one should consider strategic business goals, budget disposal, and carefully evaluate all the available options.

One of the best ways to promote your business in today’s market would certainly be through rich video content. A strong video inventory is becoming an essential marketing tool, as video encourages brand engagement and shareability. (more…)

Gillian Anderson Announced Her New Movie “Robot Overlords” Via Brid Player
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Gillian Anderson, the well-known American actress, most famous for her detective role in the X-Files series, announced her upcoming blockbuster movie “Robot Overlords” on her official webpage and shared her excitement over it with the tweet. This movie, which will invade cinemas on March 27th, is the British sci-fi action story about alien robots from another planet (no wonder Gillian is here) and one boy Sean (Callan McAuliffe) who is trying, of course,  to save the world. In the movie directed by Jon Wright and produced by Piers Tempest besides Gillian, the leading role is played by an also famous actor, sir Ben Kingsley. We’re very excited to see this movie and we have watched the trailer over and over again already.

What makes us most proud here at Brid.Tv, though, is that Gillian uses Brid Player to promote the trailer for her movie. Brid Player is perfectly suited for HD trailers, especially after our 2.0 boost of performance and, we want to believe (no pun intended), that this is not an accident.

Read More: http://www.gilliananderson.ws/news/index.shtml

Introducing the Brid Video Player
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Brid Video

Today we’d like to show you a demo of Brid Video. It’s an HTML5 video player/platform that will allow you to easily embed and monetize videos in any page, blog or site using the latest modern web standards.

Initialize ads

Browsers makers are constantly working on supporting the HTML5 video specification and improving it. We are constantly working and testing latest browser versions to ensure proper functionality.

Brid Video is absolutely free and you can start using it today!

Key Brid Video Features


  • VAST compatibility
    Our features support for VAST 4.0 tags. It can playback any kind of VAST ad template as long as the creative is HTML5 compatible. This feature eliminates slow load times, allowing for a buffer free ad experience.
  • BridTV GEO Module
    We offer you a chance to locate and zero in on website visitors by IP address within the BridTV Video Player.
  • Header Bidding or Video Player Bidding
    Creates an improved consumer experience, improved monetization and best of all reduced latency, all thanks to header bidding.
  • Advertise your content
    Add pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls or overlays to monetize your content!
  • Ad Tag Waterfalling
    Activating this in our player means that if an ad is not returned in a VAST tag or an ad errors out, the player cascades to another tag and tries to play the next ad. Waterfalling kicks off, the player goes through a list of 4 ad tags and if none of these returns an ad from any of available tags, content playback will be initiated.
  • Full-screen mode
    Supported across all latest browsers. Browsers which do not have implemented true fullscreen mode for HTML5, full-windowed mode is used instead.
  • HTML5 video benefits
    No browser plugin, no Flash dependencies!
    You can also jump anywhere in the video without having to wait for it to buffer.

See more features on the Brid Video page. Have any questions? Look through our extensive documentation section to learn more!

Welcome to Our BridTV Blog
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Welcome to Brid.tv

BridTV kicked off in 2013 as an ambitious project from a team of people who worked together for many years in the video industry and beyond. Ever since the we began We are extremely passionate at what we do and always strive to do better.

Online video is our forte and we really enjoy implementing and working with all the new technologies that are part of the thriving B2B landscape. Due to rapid development of HTML5 video technologies we are focusing most of our efforts on this.

Why We Created BridTV

Initially, our team was focused on major outsourced projects and we’ve excelled in laying the groundwork for various successful technologies and platforms. In due course, we began working on our own project – BridTV

During our work experience, we collectively amassed tons of experience in complex back-end development (CakePHP), rich interactive front-ends using JavaScript and web standards, stunning and effective interface design, advertising standards on the web and so much more. We are committed to use this knowledge in creating the best HTML5 video platform currently on the market.

The BridTV video platform is a “labor of love” and our entire team treats it as such. For all these reasons, we are very excited about BridTV. Our goal is to continuously improve and deliver the best possible service to our customers, as we tread through the ever-changing work of online video advertising.

Whether you would like to work with us, discuss a project or anything else, feel free to contact us.

The BridTV Team