Case Study: Fashion/Makeup/HairStyle Videos
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Being a girl in a tough world, in a constant rush, it’s hard. To stay in shape all the time, to look your best, and still have the time to do your daily routines. Nowadays beauty websites are the ones that we rely on to help most of us with providing the best beauty tips 24/7. Which got me thinking on what is the state of video in the online beauty industry. The amount of information available to all the Fashion/Makeup/HairStyle fans out there is astonishing. In the past couple of years, interactive features have become an essential part on websites for most beauty brands. Cosmetics and personal brands have discovered the marketing and advertising potential of the visual medium on the internet and the effect it has on user’s engagement, purchase decision and brand loyalty. Online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking services are important tools today for beauty brands to reach the increasingly growing online audiences on a global level. The method that definitely stands out, when it comes to affecting the popularity of beauty websites with visual medium and growing leads, is the use of online beauty- related  videos. (more…)

Beauty/Fashion Blogs and
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Beauty Fashion Blogs

We have already mentioned in our previous post about video content marketing here, that video content is getting a bigger and bigger role every day now. Clearly that’s because of its unique impact on the audience. Because it offers so many ways in which you can make your video content intriguing and engage your potential clients. The fact that the top 100 brands have invested over $4B in creating video assets (1) only shows the importance of video in business and marketing nowadays. What’s more, predictions for 2015 suggest an even bigger presence of videos on all platforms. Last year we have seen FaceBook raising their interest in videos and this year Twitter will offer their option for videos. It’s safe to say nowadays video is a must for a successful business.

Now, let’s say you are making a beauty blog, or better yet you already have blog you run on WordPress (appropriate theme is set) but you need a solid strategy that will help you reach your goals…so, how can we at help you maximize your odds at success!? (more…)