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The Advantages of Using Video on Landing Pages
June 5, 2015
How to Create Effective Pre-Roll Video Ads
June 16, 2015

State of Mobile Advertising in 2015

More often than before, people are using mobile devices, and according to Cisco by 2018, more than 64% of the world’s population will be mobile users. Here is the current state of the industry that explains why you need to put mobile first while creating your marketing campaign:

Mobile Video Dominates

Mobile usage has become a part of the everyday routine of an average human being, and lately this trend is passing on the video consumption department as well, as more people are watching video on mobile devices. During the past year, 26% of online video views were on a mobile device, which is a 63% year-over-year growth rate. If this trend rate continues, mobile viewing is expected to overtake desktop viewing by Q4 2016. Although lately, people are watching less TV, they are still watching their videos on other devices, mostly on their mobile phones. Latest results show total daily media time per U.S. consumer is 12 hours and four minutes a day, which is seven minutes longer compared to 2014 results. eMarketer’s data shows that mobile accounts for around 12% of the total video watching time, and that an average consumer spends two hours and 51 minutes a day this year on mobile devices.

The Expansion of Global Mobile Ad Market

Mobile advertising is exploding and many experts predict it will grow much faster than all other digital ad categories. The mobile ad market worldwide will account for more than 50% of total digital ad expenditure in 2016, eMarketer predicts. That figure represents a 430% increase compared to the state from 2013. Mobile advertising moves quick, and the eMarketer’s research paper predicts mobile video ad spend in US will climb up to $2.62 billion in 2015. eMarketer stats also show that by 2019 mobile ad spend is expected to account for around 72.2% of total digital ad spending.

Google Changes – Rewards Mobile-Friendly Websites And Penalize Those That Are Not

Due to this mobile video expansion, Google made changes to its mobile searches that benefit mobile-friendly websites and penalize the ones that aren’t properly designed for smartphones. The more mobile-friendly the site, the higher it will likely show in search results on a mobile device. The change applies to individual pages (not entire websites), and it refers to searches in all languages in all countries where Google operates.

Think mobile first

The industry direction is clear – you need to think mobile first. No question mobile will continue to be the focal point for everyone in the industry and in the advertising business worldwide, because of that, Brid is always looking to improve the user’s mobile video experience. Our much-improved version of the Brid.Tv player now uses our proprietary JavaScript animation engine, making animations much faster and more lifelike on both mobile and desktop. We have added a plethora of optimizations which target mobile, and our Player is lighter than ever and loads faster. Brid users now have an even wider support for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Give a try and find out how we can help you to reach your mobile audience.

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