St. Valentine’s Day – A Perfect Video Marketing Opportunity
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St.Valentine’s Day is approaching, you may either love it or ignore it, but you certainly can’t avoid it. With all its hearts, ribbons, puppies, kittens and bubbles, St. Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the kitschiest holidays but it’s also the perfect opportunity for marketers to spread their wings, so to speak. According to Consumer, spending for this Valentine’s Day will be an estimated $17.3 billion — making it the second highest grossing holiday of the year.

Preparing a marketing Valentine’s Day campaign shouldn’t be too hard considering that It’s a perfect opportunity for emotional bonding with your target group (that sounded … odd? – ed). Using emotions in marketing campaigns can bring huge success. The results of the particular analysis of the IPA data, that compare the profitability boost of campaigns which relied primarily on emotional appeal vs. those which used rational persuasion and information are about 31% vs. 16% in favor of the emotional approach (1). Those that were purely emotional did a little better (31% vs 26%) than those that mixed emotional and rational content.  All these facts confirm that this ” Love spreading ” holiday is worth of marketer’s time and money.

Some of the best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Talking about video marketing campaigns, here is one that has had success over the past few months and has been carefully planned to be released on this particular holiday.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie, based on the E. L. James’s bestselling erotic thriller, arrives in theaters on Valentine’s Day. Universal Pictures has uploaded this trailer on YouTube on July 24. 2014, announcing that it will be symbolically aired on the 14th February. The trailer got over 54 million YouTube video views. Before airing on YouTube, though, studio released the first trailer of the film on Twitter in June, and teased the official trailer in July with a short video that debuted on Beyoncé’s Instagram feed with the remix of her hit song “Crazy in Love”. Thanks to this carefully orchestrated viral campaign, when aired on YouTube, it became the most-viewed trailer in the video-sharing site’s history and gained a lot of publicity.

Other brands also used this movie as an inspiration for their Valentine’s Day campaigns. One of the most successful ones was a condom brand, Durex. The official  Durex site aired on Feb 3 a video campaign “Durex: Reality, it’s better than fiction…#50GamesToPlay” which is a parody of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. So far, this video garnered 12M views and still counting.

The video – A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color, aired on Feb 7, was also inspired by Valentine’s day. Hair color company brings a message of how simple things make our lives beautiful by using Valentine’s day as the perfect bait. The video, created by ad agency BBDO Germany, gained 15 million views on Youtube already.

The greeting card company, Hallmark, made a very touching series of videos called #PutYourHeartToPaper, which is more romantic than the previous one we mentioned. It focused on couples describing their relationships with loved ones but avoiding to use the word “love”. One of those video ads, The” Bob & Kim: Hallmark video really stood out, gaining close to 2M YouTube views. Besides promoting this card company, these videos has encouraged viewers to be creative when it comes to showing love on Valentine’s Day to their partners, telling us that love can be described in many ways. 

These are one of the most successful marketing campaigns inspired by this year’s Valentine’s Day. We can’t wait to see how companies plan to win our hearts on the next 14th of February.

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