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March 29, 2016
Social Media Myths That Can Get In The Way of Your Social Media Marketing Success (Part II)
April 6, 2016

Social Media Myths That Can Get In The Way of Your Social Media Marketing Success (Part I)

Social media can serve you as a great tool to exchange information with your users and fans, to enable communication among the users, and give your fans a way to share valuable pieces of information and ideas in virtual networks and communities.
Currently, 72% of all internet users are active on social media. Around 936 million of daily active users consume Facebook, and 270 million spend their time on Twitter on a daily basis. Figures are growing each day and the number of social media active users is expected to go up. It makes it a huge potential for becoming one of the most important marketing and business tools. It can produce revenue, promote your products and services and enable your audiences to contact and communicate directly with your company.
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There are many myths about social media at the presence and effect it has on businesses.  When you are new in the town, some of those myths can be fatal for your beginners social media practice. We are here to clarify what is the truth and what not about social media channels, to separate fact from fiction, so you can get the most out of your social media strategy.

Your Business Success In Social Media In Not Measured In The Number Of Followers

There are many social channels where you can buy your followers.  A huge base of followers cannot guaranty the success of your business. If they are not your target group, or if the are ignoring your content, you will not benefit from them in any way. If your content doesn’t make them buy your product or consume your service the number of followers is completely irrelevant.  A better option is to have the smaller number of followers who engage regularly with your content and share it on social networks and eventually consume your services. This outcome you will reach only by creating quality, engaging and useful content for your fans.follower

Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Present On Every Social Media Channel

When you are starting your social media campaign you usually think that being present on every social media channel could guarantee you a success, but that is not true. You need to think about those social media channels that are being usually followed by your target group. Because the most important thing is to channel your effort in the right direction, so your time and your work don’t go to waste. Before you invest your time and resources in creating a meaningful content, think about which social network may be best suited to your brand, and promote your content there.  

Social Media Marketing Is Not Free

To promote a brand on social media is not free. Firstly you have to invest time in tailoring it, and that time invested in those activities takes you away from other tasks. Secondly, as there has been spotted a continuing trend of falling organic growth and engagement across Facebook and Instagram, paid ads are becoming part of one’s marketing campaign that couldn’t be left out .

Posting Similar Contents Does Not Help

Promoting your business through posting similar content does not help at all. If you are doing this frequently and using the same keyword, you will not make more fans. By doing that  you will only  bore your fans and eventually, make them unfollow you. The only way you are allowed to post similar content that will benefit your strategy is to promote multimedia and attractive post, combined with images, videos, and original content. It is advisable that your visual comes up with crucial information about your brand.

Your Blog Post Should Not Contain Less Than 800 Words

It’s well known that nowadays people’s attentions snaps in a second. That is why bloggers usually go for the content that has around 400 words. But experts says that blogs should contain around  800 to be treated as relevant, useful, and worth sharing. We should mention that blogs that have decent content are usually being better indexed by Google. Stats show that blog who end up in the top 10 search results contain over 2,000 words in their blog post.

Don’t Pass up The Opportunity To Share Your Competitor’s Content

Sharing of competitors’ content will not damage your brand. Sharing of your competitor’s’ content will give your fans more information, and because of that, they will appreciate you. That will make you fearless and credible marketer,  who is confident enough to share quality content of others, and aware that that will not endanger your position because you have your own quality content to offer as well. One more benefit of sharing your competitor’s content is that you will make them share your content as well.
This is it for the first part of the two- part series blog post that describes social media myths that might hurt your strategy in general. Try to bypass those myths, bring some original and fresh content and you will achieve some social media success. In the second part you will read about the most popular social media channels.