Social Media Myths That Can Get In The Way of Your Social Media Marketing Success (Part I)
April 1, 2016
How To Reach Your Target Group On Facebook
April 8, 2016

Social Media Myths That Can Get In The Way of Your Social Media Marketing Success (Part II)

In our second part about social media myths, we’ll concentrate on the most popular social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and how to avoid those common mistakes marketers can make mislead by them.
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Social Media Myths About Facebook

The most common myth about Facebook is that it’s not so popular social media platform as it used to be. As much as I hate to admit it Facebook was, and still is, the most popular social media platform and it has stats to prove it. Facebook has had 1.59 billion monthly active users in the fourth quarter of the previous year. 1.04 billion people logged onto Facebook daily during December 2015, which represents a 17% increase year over year. In other words, it remains the most popular social media platform by far.
Second myth, Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. False. You can promote your service by  reaching 1000 people with only $0.25. Let just point out that the same conditions allowed with Google AdWords cost  $2.75. Facebook remains the perfect tool for marketing promotion. According to TrackMaven’s “The Content Marketing Paradox” report, brands experienced 3X more engagement from content shared on Facebook than on Twitter.

Social Media Myths About Twitter

Number one myth about Twitter is that you will produce more engagement if you use more hashtags in your tweet. Stats show that tweets without hashtags perform better than those with hashtags. Experts believe that it’s because the post who includes many hashtags may seem ‘spammy’. The general advice is, if you choose hashtags, you need to use something catchy and meaningful.
One more Myths is that you have to be tweeting 24/7. When it comes to studies about the ideal tweeting frequency, the conclusion is that three tweets per day bring the highest engagement per tweet. If you surpass this number, you will only lose the engagement. It can result in coming off as spammy as well. Though you are still left with the option to tweet more if you choose to use different types of tweets. It’s important to make sure your content stands out.
When you post your tweets, include the images, not only the plain text. Plain text isn’t so catchy as the images. So make sure to include visuals into your tweets. If your post doesn’t include an image attached to it in some form, there had better be a good reason.

Social Media Myths About Instagram

The most common myth about Instagram is that you need a professional photographer to create great Instagram content. You don’t need to have a prof photographer in your team to produce quality content. You can learn how to create attractive visual content for Instagram using only a smartphone or iPhone. For example, you can learn to create quality visual content from an online tutorial. The most important thing is to identify what kind of images your target group prefers and then focus on producing more of it.
Another myth is that to be successful on Instagram you have to promote visual brands, like fashion, food and lifestyle. It’s not all about bright and catchy colors. You can promote your service on Instagram, besides using the product images, by posting about your company culture. Or you can post some inspiring quotes.
People usually think that you have no possibilities for Advertising on Instagram. Wrong. Instagram has  three different forms of advertising available for the user’s: Photo Ads, Video Ads and Carousel Ads. Photo Ads and Video Ads are a lot like regular photos/video but the difference is that they  have a “Sponsored” label on the top. Carousel Ads is similar to Photo Ads feature. By clicking on them it will take you to another website to learn more about the company it promotes.
There you go, all social media myth revealed, now you are ready to start your social media marketing strategy and enjoy all the marketing potential social media has without having the fear your efforts won’t pay off.