The slide inview provides publishers a way to maximize their premium ad inventory as the player always maintains viewability.

How it works:

The slide inview player will render as any other player on your webpage wherever you embed it.

Once a user presses play on the player, content (ad) playback will start. If the user starts scrolling away from your video player be it up or down your webpage, the slide inview player will stick to the top left or top right of your site maintaining viewability of your ad or video inventory.

Once the slide inview player minimizes it will show a close button in its top right corner so a user can close it if needed. When the close button is pressed, the player will pause and return to its starting position.

If a user scrolls back to where the player was located before, the player will automatically return to it’s starting position and continue playback as before.

The stay inview player synergizes well with the autoplay option too!