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WordPress powers 18.9% of the Web, has over 46m downloads, according to founder Matt Mullenweg and that was data back in 2013. It’s safe to say it’s everyone’s favorite CMS. It’s easy and intuitive and has a helpful community so it’s easy to understand how publishers can make the most out of it. From a simple blog and YouTube clone to magazine and newspaper websites.

If you have used WordPress as your choice of CMS I’m sure you know just how hard it can be to keep track of all your embedded or hosted videos on the WordPress platform. Wouldn’t it be great to have an option to manage and earn more from your videos directly from your WordPress dashboard?

Brid Video Easy Publish is a WordPress plugin made for the webmasters by the webmasters with a simple goal in mind: to be able to easily deliver and manage HTML5 and/or Flash videos through the WordPress website and generate video revenue on top of your existing one.

Part 1: Setting Up The Plugin And Uploading Videos

When you’re inside the Dashboard of your WP website you need to install Brid Video Easy Publish plugin and you’ll do that by following these steps:

  1. Download the Brid Video Easy Publish plugin and upload it to your site via the “Add New” section of the “Plugins” tab.
  2. Once the plugin has been uploaded, activate the plugin.
  3. Once activated, click on the “Configure” link that appears at the top.
  4. You will be prompted to authorize the plugin usage with Click on the Authorize button.
  5. You will now be prompted with a login page in which you should input your Brid login credentials. If you don’t have a account you can create one on the same page for free.
  6. Once you login or sign up, you will be prompted again to authorize usage with the installed plugin. Click on the Authorize button and you are done!

Alternatively, you can install the plugin right from your WordPress admin dashboard. Simply search for “brid video easy publish” in the plugin section of the admin panel. WordPress will download and install the plugin for you automatically.

Ok, you have successfully installed plugin and it is time to test it. So the next logical question is how do I post a video to an article or a page?

To easily do that you go to the Media section of your Dashboard and there you’ll find a newly added option called Brid Video.


That is now your control center for adding/removing video content to media library. Simply imagine it like a whole video repository available for your website to switch on/off whenever you feel like it. By pressing it you’ll get two available options in a form of two big pink buttons, ADD VIDEO which means videos that you’ll upload from your computer (image below).

Or ADD YOUTUBE, which will require youtube link to a video chosen to upload (image below).

Now when you finished uploading your video content in the media library, and you’ve added title/description etc. you’re finally ready to put some videos on your post/page.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Add/edit a new post/page and click on the Pink Brid TV button.
  • Click on a checkbox next to the video you wish to add to your post or page.
  • Once clicked, the POST button will enable in the top right corner.
  • Click on the POST button and an easily embeddable short code will appear in your post/page.
  • Publish or Preview your page or article and you are done!

There you have it. You succeeded in uploading and posting your first video to your WP website! In part two we’ll show you how set and manage monetization.

If you have any other question for our Brid Video Easy Publish WordPress plugin you can visit our Helpdesk or submit a request here.

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