Setting Up WordPress Plugin (Part 2) – Monetization Of Videos
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Easy monetize your videos with wordpress plugin

Once you have set up your videos and uploaded them to your WordPress plugin page, it is now time to make money with them. So, what are the monetization options that Easy Video Publish WordPress plugin offers to our users?

Brid player is powered by Google for both desktop and mobile web to deliver ads across all major devices, with full support for VAST and VPAID standards. It is also fully integrated with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video, offering support for advanced features like content targeting and Ad Rules for video. Finally with the help of IAB’s VAST and VPAID standards, Brid player works with any other major ad platform. Monetize inventory from OpenX,, Tremor Video, AdTech and many others.

In addition to standard, linear video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), Brid player also supports non-linear overlays.

Now, setting up your ads and monetizing your content takes seconds with our WordPress plugin. All you need to do is to follow few simple steps and you’ll be ready to rumble in no time.

First you need to go to MEDIA section on WordPress dashboard and select Brid Video option where all your videos are stored.
Wordpress plugin Screen 1
Then, select title of the video you want to monetize and you’ll be presented with two options: one is Video Details and the second one is Monetization:
Wordpress plugin Screen 2
1. Select the MONETIZATION tab.
2. Make sure that the monetizable checkbox is checked.
4. Enter an Ad tag URL which returns a valid VAST response.
5. Press SAVE.
Wordpress plugin Screen 3
It’s easy as that. However, few things you should keep in mind. With MID-ROLL option you need to mark Cue Points at a precise time point in the duration of a video to trigger mid-roll ads (that is, ads that occur during playback of the video content, like a commercial break) where you are provided with a field to enter values (comma separated) in seconds or percentage so you can pinpoint the exact time when you wish for a mid roll to appear in the player.
Wordpress plugin Screen 4
The same goes for the ADD OVERLAY option where you also need to enter the start time and the duration of the overlay in seconds.
Wordpress plugin Screen 5
Now, get those videos shared and viewed as much as possible and to start counting precious views and, of course, coins 🙂 If you have any other question for our Brid Video Easy Publish WordPress plugin you can visit, as always, our Helpdesk or submit a request here.

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