BridTV Video Platform Release ver. 3.8
September 25, 2017
Live Images Support
October 14, 2017

Introducing BridTV’s Real-Time Video Analytics

Online data is the fuel that powers any successful digital marketing campaign nowadays. With video at the forefront of every digital marketing campaign, it’s crucial to monitor and understand how your video content is performing across desktop and mobile. This helps publishers improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns.

That’s why we’ve completely overhauled our analytics,  focusing on the real-time metrics that matter the most: bandwidth consumption, video display, ad request and ad impressions.

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Real-Time Video Analytics Explained

Once you login, you’ll be greeted with our new, clean and intuitive dashboard where you will get a brief overview of your bandwidth consumption, ad request, ad impressions and video display data in real-time. You can now get deeper insights into the behavior of your audience and your video content and ad performance instantly.
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For deeper analysis click DETAIL STATISTICS under graphs shown in the dashboard. Let us quickly walk you through the available options in our main dashboard.

Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth Usage
You can check your bandwidth consumption, overall and per website you’ve added to the BridTV video platform.

Video Plays

Video Plays
Video plays data has three options: total video plays, platform specific data ie whether your content is viewed on mobile vs desktop platform, and device specific ie whether your content is viewed on iOS, Android, desktop or other device.

AD Requests & AD Impressions

AD Requests & AD Impressions
AD Requests & AD Impressions graph allows you to check on your video ad performance either by ad slot or platform / device. If you are a part of BridTV backfill ad program you’ll get to see  BRID AD REQUESTS & AD IMPRESSIONS tab as well.

Finally, BLOCKED ADS tab shows number of blocked ad requests ie how many of your ads were blocked by your visitors adblockers. Adblockers are a serious treat especially to businesses relying on profit from their ad display. Stats suggest that ad blockers, on average, are costing publishers up to 30% of their ad revenue.

We can help you keep your ads running and your revenue rolling in with our new ad deblocker service for video ads ADIQ. Read more about the tech and power behind our Ad Recovery solution ADIQ here.
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Understand and interpreting data fast is becoming a crucial option for decision makers. You can now dig deep into your video, player and platform level performance using BridTV real-time analytics to analyze data that will help you improve and optimize your video content and ads views.