Top 6 Professional Thumbnail Makers Every Creator Needs
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Top 6 Professional Thumbnail Makers Creators Should Try

video thumbnail maker

Today, the video marketing world is competitive. Almost everyone is making videos, so it’s difficult to attract customer’s attention. In fact, 85% of businesses rely on video marketing nowadays. Most brands, publishers, and content creators can’t imagine their professional lives without this tool. But to leave a good impression, there’s another thing they need — a professional thumbnail maker.

As a marketer, you probably already know how valuable videos are. However, are you aware that a thumbnail is equally important? There are so many videos on the internet, and a thumbnail is the thing that can make your clip stand out. A good thumbnail won’t just attract viewers to your video — it will also encourage them to click the “play” button. So, if you don’t create your content as you should, you might be losing out on potential customers, subscribers, and users.

But, how do you make a thumbnail to ensure people watch your videos rather than skip them? That’s easy, you need a video thumbnail maker. In one of our previous articles, we told you how you can make a clickable video thumbnail. And in this post, we’ll list our recommendations for professional thumbnail makers that can be helpful along the way.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Adobe Spark

Did you know that you can create a powerful video thumbnail in a matter of minutes? Yes, that’s true — you only need Adobe Spark. This popular video thumbnail maker offers an easy creation process to its users, and states that you don’t need any graphic design skills to use its software.

Indeed, Adobe Spark is user-friendly, and it won’t take you long to come up with a perfect video thumbnail. There are unlimited creative possibilities with Adobe Spark, especially as it provides you with an extensive library of templates. In fact, the whole process is simple and straightforward.

We suggest upgrading to one of the premium plans for Adobe Spark. Namely, the Starter plan, which is free, features a limited number of templates, photos, and icons. If you want to enjoy this amazing tool to the fullest, you’d need to upgrade and pay for its other plans.

Ever since its release in 2016, Adobe Spark has been enjoying popularity around the world. So, we suggest that you try it out and see whether it’s worth the hype. For now, let’s move to other professional thumbnail makers.


You’ve probably heard about our next video thumbnail maker. After all, more than 30 million monthly active users utilize this tool in over 190 countries.

Canva is one of the best and most popular online graphic design tools today. It is suitable for both professional and amateur designers who want to make high-quality visuals, including YouTube video thumbnails. To quote Canva, you’re able to design anything without any hitch.

While creating your thumbnail, you’ll have access to free stock photos, backgrounds, texts, frames, and many other features. And you’ll master Canva’s interface within minutes. But, if you need any help, this company offers courses and tutorials as well. Obviously, Canva wants you to ace video thumbnail making!

There is a free plan you can use, but it comes with limited features. So, if you want to make the most of Canva, we suggest that you go with its paid plans such as Enterprise, Pro, or Education. You’ll quickly see that Canva is popular because even non-designers can make engaging graphics in just a few minutes.

What are other professional thumbnail makers you have at your disposal? Let’s see!


FotoJet is also popular among graphic designers. The video thumbnail maker states that anyone can become a pro designer, just as long as they are using this tool. So, why not try it out?

Users have access to an extensive gallery of templates, posters, banners, and much more. FotoJet features everything you need to create a clickable video thumbnail. There are powerful design and editing tools that allow you to produce high-quality results in just a few moments. With this platform, you can create professional designs, even if you don’t have any experience.

Furthermore, FotoJet comes with an advanced thumbnail creator tool that enables you to tweak the photos in any way you want. So, add filters, resize, or crop your images. The tool has a simple interface that doesn’t require any technical know-how. You can create stunning thumbnails without any issues.

You don’t even need to create an account to use FotoJet. Just access the website and start the process immediately. However, to make use of fully functioning professional thumbnail makers, it’s best to upgrade to paid plans. FotoJet has a paid plan as well that comes with premium features. This video thumbnail maker, like others on our list, is worth your time.


Most marketers know that an eye-catching thumbnail will stop their target audience from scrolling past their video on social media. Fotor is also aware of this, that’s why it offers advanced photo-editing features. After all, good graphics are important for marketing today.

Fotor gives you access to spectacular themes from all over the world. You can use them to make thumbnails that will tempt internet users to click on your videos. By using Fotor, you’ll also get a smooth interface that enables you to edit your thumbnails and other visual elements. Like other professional thumbnail makers, this one is easy to use. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech whiz to master Fotor.

With the Basic plan, you have access to a small number of features. But, if you upgrade to the Pro plan, you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless experience with Fotor.


Pixelied is another great easy-to-use design tool that doesn’t require any technical know-how. Both experienced and novice graphic designers can utilize Pixelied to create social media photos, blog featured images, or headers. All major social media networks are supported, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. So, making visuals for these platforms will be a piece of cake thanks to Pixelied!

Moreover, you can utilize Pixelied as other professional thumbnail makers for videos as well. It offers a wide variety of templates that can take your thumbnail to the next level. But, you can also upload your own images and enhance them with this tool. Add text shadow, crop photos, or add numerous filters to ensure your video thumbnails are more eye-catching.

Easily manage your workspace by categorizing your designs and organizing them into folders. Your every design will be one click away and you won’t have any trouble finding your photos. So, learn what’s the ideal YouTube thumbnail size, access Pixelied, and start attracting the attention of your viewers!

Pixelied comes with two plans, Free and Pro. The former gives you access to over 200 templates, while the latter enables you to use all premade templates this tool offers. If you want to use all Pixilied’s features, we suggest that you choose the Pro plan.


Adobe Spark promises that you can create a thumbnail in just a few minutes. But, Snappa takes things further by promising a completed thumbnail in less than 60 seconds. Someone start the clock!

Snappa is another quick and easy-to-use video thumbnail maker in the market. Like its competitors, it also offers a wide range of premade templated, high-quality photos, and customizable backgrounds which you can use to create clickable thumbnails. You just need to open a free account and you’ll be able to start designing.

What’s more, if you’re tired of using existing templates, you can create your own from scratch with Snappa. Use the available visuals or upload your own to make a thumbnail. Your visuals can stand out with the help of Snappa as it provides limitless options to customize them. You can add effects, create shapes, or insert any text you want. This is what makes it one of the best professional thumbnail makers!

This video thumbnail maker offers three plans, each of them suitable for different design requirements. The Starter plan is aimed at those who’re just looking for a free thumbnail maker. But, if you need more features, you should go for one of the paid plans.

Create a Clickable Thumbnail!

People respond better to visuals than text-based content. That’s why brands are scrambling to produce videos that will leave a lasting impression on their target audience. If you’re one of these brands, you should know that eye-catching thumbnails can get you more views. Of course, a high-quality thumbnail isn’t enough — your content needs to be engaging as well. If both of these elements are appealing, more people will hear about your brand.

So, use one of the professional thumbnail makers from our list, and start taking the marketing world by storm!