Brid.TV Enhances Its Global Footprint With Improved Conditions for Clients
August 25, 2021

Brid.TV Strengthens Its Global Footprint with Improved Conditions for Clients Worldwide

Brid.TV Announces Expansion of Global Footprint with Better Support and Conditions for Clients Worldwide Through Amazon Web Services

Belgrade, Serbia, August 25, 2021: Brid.TV, a state-of-the-art online platform and an enterprise-level video monetization solution, today announced it has expanded its global footprint following a new deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The deal deepens Brid.TV’s already rich offering to global publishers and content creators and further expands upon its vision to empower customers with direct support and better conditions in today’s video and advertising industries, regardless of their location.

This deal arrives at the time when internet users are consuming digital video more than ever before. Video now comprises over 80% of all internet traffic around the world, according to a report by Cisco. As a result, online video content and ads have become imperative — a fact that has been accepted by Brid.TV customers operating in sports, gaming, and media, among others. Following the improved deal, Brid.TV will become fully integrated into the Asian and Australian markets. Publishers operating in these markets have a wide range of needs and require a scalable and flexible video platform to connect and engage with their audiences. Brid.TV offers that solution.

“Over the past few years, digital video has become the go-to medium for publishers around the world. We now live in the video-first world, and our company works to offer a platform our clients can rely on any day. This is why we have reached a new deal with Amazon Web Services, bringing better conditions and increased support to our global clients,” said Fabien Ricard, Chief Executive Officer at Brid.TV. “The improved deal especially solidifies our position on the Asian and Australian markets, which further strengthens our global footprint.”

The partnership between Brid.TV and Amazon Web Services shows both companies are committed to bringing the best experience to clients around the world. In order to break into the competitive video market, publishers require a feature-rich video platform, equipped with superb support, excellent conditions, and extensive monetization options. Brid.TV is what they need to take the online world by storm

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