Brid.TV Introduces Any-Ad™ Intelligent Banner Fallback Video Ad Solution
August 16, 2019

BridTV Debuts Any-Ad™ Intelligent Banner Fallback Video Ad Solution

Brid.TV Reveals Any-Ad™, Enabling Publishers to Maximize Revenue

Los Angeles, California, August 16, 2019: Brid.TV, a technology company and an enterprise-level video platform, introduced today a unique video ad solution that is quickly becoming the number one request from publishers. Any-Ad™ brings a range of impressive features to the advertising world.

Game developers, publishers, and digital media companies rely on Brid.TV to host, manage, and monetize videos. The tech company wanted to go one step further and offer new options for monetization. Any-Ad™ enables online publishers and app developers to monetize and tweak their ad tech to ensure maximum revenue. The sophisticated system is highly effective, extremely dynamic, flexible, and intuitive.

“The video advertising market is one of the biggest markets within digital advertising, with its worldwide revenue amounting to $32.2 billion. With the growing market, we want businesses to start monetizing in the best way possible — using a powerful, yet affordable ads revenue platform. Any-Ad™ goes beyond any other video ad format. Publishers can rely on our newest solution to create a steady and reliable revenue stream,” said Igor Damic, Senior Publisher Relations Manager at Brid.TV.

Any-Ad™ comes with a variety of advantages to help publishers grow their businesses. With Brid.TV’s Intelligent Banner Fallback system, clients can instantly monetize mobile and desktop traffic, implement Any-Ad™ tech with minimum hassle, improve brand awareness, and use a centralized monetization system.

For more information on the Any-Ad™ and how to get started, contact Brid.TV here.

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Brid.TV is a powerful enterprise-level cross-device online video platform, which offers a wide range of ad solutions. Publishers can host, encode and monetize their videos any way they want, with free ad support from our platform.

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