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July 5, 2018

Brid.TV Launches White-Label Video SSP

Start Your Own Premium Video Platform Service With White-Label Video SSP Solution

Los Angeles, California, July 5, 2018: Brid.TV, a leading HTML5 video player and all-device video platform, announced today the launch of its White-Label Video SSP solution. Having completely revolutionized the online video industry, the technology company has worked on providing users with an end-to-end SSP solution to help them grow their business.

Video plays a central role for many publishers, impacting their digital marketing strategy. As Brid.TV has seen over the years, this medium boosts audience engagement, conversion, and revenue. Brid.TV’s White-Label Video SSP solution includes everything an enterprise-level video platform has, giving publishers full control from a single CMS. Simple to use, this latest addition allows businesses to seemingly run their own video platform business.

“Since creating Brid.TV, we have focused on developing software and products that allow business to grow, expand their reach, and monetize with us,” said Fabien Ricard, Chief Executive Officer at Brid.TV. “That means providing our clients with simple, fast, and customizable video technology, enabling them to effectively generate revenue. Without any doubt, our White-Label Video SSP solution joins these core principles. We are immensely proud to leave our mark on the digital video world with each new product, especially white-label.”

With the White-Label Video SSP solution, companies will have complete support from Brid.TV’s team while being able to manage their own publishers and video content. By using the platform, these publishers have a chance to earn revenue from their online videos. They can monetize videos via VAST, VPAID, & Google IMA Ad Tags.

For more information on the White-Label Video SSP solution and how to get started, contact Brid.TV here.

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